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I realized this morning that it takes me a little time to warm up.  I lagged in the morning and wanted to do a 7 miler but by the time I got to the Presidio Bowling Center realized that I was gonna run short of time so I truncated the loop.  I had to give a haircut to fulfill my trade obligation with my body worker, Scott Henady at noon, and dicked around quite a bit in the morning but still had time enoug to squeeze out a shorter hill session before I had to go to the shop.

Nice and sunny today. Presidio and Crissy Field were rife with Sunday recreators having a good time in San Francisco like you know you should on a Summer day like today.  Parked in the lot at the bowling alley and watched the squashed fog stream into the Bay underneath the bridge and disintegrate right there.  Strapped up all my units and then thought, “fuck the shirt.”  It was nice and hot so I did my run in my tri-athlete fetish harness: heart rate strap, hydration unit and headphones insulating me in sound waves of Black Metal being pumped directly into my ears.   Pershing Square and Ecology Trail.  Comes the bitch of a calf strain so up the Ecology Trail decided not to push, but just lay back and enjoy this recreational run.  Jogging, I daresay!  Realized my heart rate was going to stay below the 150 target and was steady between 135 and 145 bpm, so I was running equivalently slow, but didn’t want to bust a chronic injury.  Spire, Bay Area Ridge Trail, which one day I will completely run. San Juan Bautista Trail, down the stairs to Batteries and Bluffs where I had to stop and take pictures of Battery Crosby because I was reminded of how we used to party there in High School. Passing packs of group runners on the steps down and up from Marshall Beach.  Bridge and down to Crissy Field where I had to put on my little titty show, harnessed, strapped and pierced making good time and showing off my sport.

Got home with just enough time to rinse and put on my relaxed uniform, but Scott called and told me he was running a bit late, so I did get a chance to relax.

After his cut, retrieved my car and went and cashed my paycheck.  Stopped at Ross and got an FM transmitter for my iPhone which is so needed.  Kind of getting tired of my cassettes.  Rolled over to the Dollar Store to get some rocks for my fish and Kool-Aid pitchers, some shit from Walgreen’s and poked over to Thrift Town to see if they had something to brew my Kombucha in.  Decided to go to my favorite place in J-Town for a late lunch, but when I got there there was a street fair and they were discounting the street food because it was towards the end of the event.  Went to Goodwill and got a Michael Jackson videotape, Moon Walker, picked up some sand from the bonsai shop and got a fishnet from Aqua Forest Aquarium.  Their motto is “In Sync With Nature.”  I had long decided to just go to Naked Yoga For Men after I was done running errands since my yoga mat is always stowed in the trunk, but it was only just about 5 and having an hour to use decide to go to the Castro and get a beer at the Edge.

Nice day like today and the Castro is packed.  Well every neighborhood, really.  Cruised and found parking right in front of StarBears. I had a drink token for a domestic beer to redeem at the Edge so I traded it for a Bud.  Talked to a guy who just got layed off and had to move out of his studio into a roomie situation in West Portal and was thankful that I have a good job.  Dude is Italian and shared his Brozolli recipe with me: stuffed steak with cheese and salami in a red sauce? Hell fucken yeah.  His mate had a shirt that said, “Irish Yoga” on it and the graphic was of an Irish guy passed out drunk on various set furniture.  Finished my beer and went and got the coffee from the Castro Cheesery and stopped into a clearance outlet in the old All American Boy storefront to search for pieces of my uniform, but the blazer fit strangely in the armpits and the fabric looked a bit cheap.

Rolled on down 19th Street and passed Dolores Beach which was packed.  Got a parking just an alley away from the yoga studio and had to tweet how good the parking had been all day.

Sunday night yoga class is still being subbed by Michael, but I was hoping that Darren was going to be back so I can get his perspective on what it was like to attend the OutGames.  I’ll have to wait until next week.  I was hoping to work out some of the bitch of a calf strain that I am re-experiencing, but tonight’s practice focused on hip openers.  I realized that after yoga, I would have worked out for 3 hours today.  Not bad.  Like I said, I’m so focused on competing in the Gay Games, I’m gonna do what it takes.  After class I gave a fellow yogi a  ride down to Guerrero and 14th because I wanted to get cheap gas at that ARCO, but its up to $2.99 a gallon now.


  • 1:12:10 time
  • 5.42 miles
  • 13:19 pace (biased)
  • 750 feet climbed
  • 743 calories burned

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