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After cutting Hunter’s hair the previous night at the Larkspur Marriot, my run in the Marin Headlands was rather erratic.  I got up after Hunter left to go on set, leaving me with the card keys.  I took a shower, took a shit and took a nice bath in our ground floor room.  I toyed around with the idea of working out in the corporate gym, but checked it out and realized it was just a 12’x12′  room with some dumb weights, an elliptical, a treadmill and a Stairmaster. A cute bearded chubby guy worked out on one of the cardios, but I blew the proximal for a buffet breakfast on the Apple per diem: a waffle with syrup and cold butter, eggs, too much bacon and sausage, rather bitter hotel coffee and tucked a tomato juice in my backpack to go.  Why work out in a cramped beige room with CNN on a monitor when I could be eating mountains for breakfast and washing it down with an early morning cold cup of Sun?

Gave a rather generous tip to my buffet server and signed the check to the room.  Got into the Contour and headed back  to the Headlands.  I realized by the time I hit the trailhead, running what I did the previous night in my time allotment was nigh impossible, so again improvising, came up with a doable trail.  Ran Bobcat to Miwok then cut over to Rodeo and picked up a street. Crossing over to the stables found a Fisherman’s Trail to Black Sand Beach, which ended up being the Pacific Coast Trail and just ran the bunkers down to the Nike Missile silos and found a nice cutaway through Point Bonita but chose to come on down to Rodeo Beach and hit the trailhead where I started.

In all it was probably about a 3+ mile run, but my gps unit was fucking up due to my own user error.  Like me, my phone was mostly erratic, and lagged to get started as did I.  Half my run didn’t get tracked on my gps but it doesn’t really matter if it did not do.  Hard to put together a back to back, evening to morning run, but my training is getting kind of strange and frenetic.  I’ll need to pull it back and get it together, but I’m still trying to complete these hills.  Scheduled tomorrow: San Bruno Mountain, although I sustained a cut to the bottom of my left foot between the barbecue and the hot tub last night at the Highlands Resort.


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