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On the road to Köln, all training is significant.  I find myself a well accomplished recreational runner on the verge of gaining competitive status.  I don’t know if its likely that at my age I’ll ever achieve level elite,  but I’m just going to keep working it and we’ll see where I am next year in Gay Games VIII.

I’m really focused on this, almost to the exclusion of all else, but I do know that I have to take care of myself if I want to make it to Germany.  I partied last night so it was easy to stay in bed and recover, but eventually I made it out and was at the Bunny Trail and starting up the switchbacks on the bluffs above Montara Beach at 2 pm.  Ran it strong and steady, all the way to the top and came down cruise.

Was really trying to focus on deep breathing and was looking for power in my stride, which I found was available to me.  Didn’t want to go all out, but just do a good and steady run.  I noticed how strong I felt compared to when I was running this trail up Old San Pedro Mountain in the beginning of my regime back in the end of May.  I have to say the trail looked a little mangy with garishly pruned pine, the dessicated remains of poisoned pampas and clods of horse turd.  But in essence, I’ve completed the taper down from my previous training for Salt Point and now begins a new regime: totally focused on  the road to Köln and getting there training for 2 endurance distances of 10 kilometers and the half marathon at 21 kilometers.

I still haven’t settled on the distance I’ll do for the North Face Endurance Challenge Championship on 5 December 2009 nor do I know if I will sign up with the Endurables for distance training.  In fact, I really have to figure out where I’m going with my training.  I think I will just keep doing the increase and the alternating between hills and flats, but I’m really running out of nearby terrain and excursions to long enough trails are going to eat into the time it takes me in the morning to prep for work.  I really also have to consider better nutrition.  Like I’ve said I’ve let it slide a bit and I do need to take better care of myself and things around the flat.

  • 4.54 miles
  • 55:10 (51:07)
  • 12:09 avg pace
  • 898 feet climbed
  • 728 calories burned
  • 136/160 avg/max bpm

Tomorrow I’m planning to do Coastal Stairs in the Presidio and then on Wednesday I’m gonna hit Palace to Palace epically.


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