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It is true that I never feel worse after a run than I do before I start one and today is an example of that although I can’t say I’m feeling super.  Still the vestiges of a hangover–watching Miss Universe with the LGID and his friend ended up a South of Market bar hop closing down Chaps II with Jagermeister shots and me drunk tweeting and posting twitpics of the bartender in a jockstrap.

So I swear I got in my car and actually turned around and started driving home again, then by the time I was headed home, I turned back and drove to the Presidio.  When I got there I warmed up and started down the trail, jogged a few feet, stopped turned back and quit.  I realized I had to draw upon some inner fortitude and the commitment I made to myself to do this today in spite of my activity last night.  Training in real world conditions, and sometimes just watching an innocent beauty pageant can end up being a doozy.

I was able to convince myself and do this work today I’ll call Coastal Stairs and continue on.  Starting at the Presidio Golf Club running along the Bay Area Ridge Trail down the stairs at Immigration Point and then the stairs on the Batteries to Bluff.  I was clipping along and did really well on the uphill stairs.  I surprised myself.  Physically I was capable, but mentally I was so over it.  I’ve been in split minds and bodies lately and I have to figure out a way to get past this.  Just keep training is all I can really do.  I’ve had days like this before so I’m not dealing with anything new.

  • 3.84 miles
  • 48:55 (47:01)
  • 12:45 avg. pace
  • 604 feet climbed
  • 558 calories burned
  • 139/162 avg./max bpm

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