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Had a rough dream that I was doing a Top Chef challenge and I wasn’t going to make 4 plates in time.  My steaks were broiling on the wrong side, I added too much vanilla to the yogurt and stirred it with a T Bone which made it taste of Worcestshire.  I was going to have to spoon this desert on Saltines and Triscuits, but none of the vessels matched and most of the crackers cracked.  Knowing exactly what this dream meant I got out of bed immediately to hit the trail.

Decided to do a loop through Golden Gate Park.  I’m improvising my training now but keeping it steady and consistent.  Kind of forgot that the Outside Lands music festival was happening in the park until I got there.  The trails were barricaded with chain link and wrapped off in VIP Parking Only caution tape and it kind of threw me off and made the park look ugly, but at least I got my run in.  Its going to be fierce hot in The City today, and I pretty much took my shirt off and ran topless after the first quarter mile.

Legs felt heavy and sodden.  I plodded.  Kept my mind on it and cruised through.  I was targeting a sub 66:06 six miler and at the very end sprinted to the Contour across a soggy lawn and was done in about an hour four.

Thinking of my training, gonna do a long run somewhere of at least 10 miles on Sunday.  I’m leaning towards the Marin Headlands and the Miwok Trail.  Want to work it out because I have a body work session scheduled at 3 that afternoon.  I’m kind of feeling like its about linking the trails now.

  • 1:08:05
  • 6.01 miles
  • 11:19 avg. pace
  • 9:12 best split
  • 433 feet climbed
  • 857 calories burned

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