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I’ve recorded 285.6 miles since I started training on Easter Monday, did one 11k trail race and ran 62.5 miles alone in the month of August.  The month of June I totally peaked in mileage running an aggregate 83.7 miles. July was a taper down so mileage was lower, but my performance at Salt Point was exemplary.  Now I’m moving into a new training which is 2 short runs then 1 long run, trying to do no less than 22 miles and no more than 25 and doing 10% weekly increasers.

Yesterday I ran in new shoes by Adidas, Kanadia Trail 2, dark grey with dark blue tri stripes.  The TR2’s were on sale at the Adidas for $49.99.  The color is boring compared too my others, but the major difference is that the TR2 has more padding, so hopefully they’ll last longer.  The new shoes feel a little snugger, but definitely the sole gave me more protection.  I did an 8.13 miler from Upper Fort Mason past the Palace of Fine arts up to Inspiration Point, Immigrant Point and Bridge back through Crissy Field.  Longer than I expected to run, but the trail behind the National Cemetery was closed due to remodeling and its looking like its gonna be killer.  I felt really strong and recorded amazing splits especially towards the end on Crissy Field.  Had a massage the night previous and it totally worked to loosen me up.  Tomorrow, something longer, don’t know where.

  • 1:31:54
  • 8.13 miles
  • 11:19 avg pace
  • 731 feet climbed
  • 1208 calories burned


  1. Hey Z,
    It’s me… Nariane/Suz etc… I started a wordpress blog account … not sure what I’m going to do with it yet…
    Hopefully something which rouses rabbles and whatnot.

    Nice shoes!

    I’m signed up for Goddess Boot Camp (done completely clothed! )

      • polynesian69
      • Posted Tuesday 1 September 2009 at 11:15 pm
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      Its really easy to keep track of metrics and protects from spam. The interface is mostly intuitive and I love the auto save. Hey, lots of people were searching for trail running dolphin talker specifically today. Can a Gay Games VIII sponsor be far behind? I need money for shoes! Have fun playing with the themes, most are super cool.

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