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I crunched my schedule in order to get out early so I was able to make a Tuesday night Naked Yoga for Men.  I don’t like to be judgmental when it comes to yoga practice, but I am, and I have to say my favorite yoga instructor is Ken Brenniman and he taught tonite so I was extra pumped to make it to his class.  I picked up the Contour in front of my house, got an empty liter bottle out the front seat and filled it with water from the faucet for the garden at my front gate then drove to the Mission.  Always difficult to find parking, but after circling the block, found one diagonally across the street from Mission Yoga on 20th Street.  I pulled forward to back up and park, but the driver in the car behind pulled in to close to me so I couldn’t back up and with oncoming traffic he couldn’t move to let me into the parking spot I found.  Then a cop car comes down 20th towards me with sirens blaring, but I’m not moving to give up my spot and he yells at me over the squad car PA, but I am pulled to the right so wtf, I’m having an emergency too.

Go up to the yoga studio and check in on foursquare, this social media location game where you earn points for hitting spots.  I am learning how to play it and it is yet another way I can compulsively disclose my location at all times but do it more discretely than on facebook or twitter.  In the reception I take off my boots and go and lay my mat out under the ceiling fan in front of the yoga studio.  I strip off my black work uniform, glad I don’t stink cos I hadn’t a shower and go lay out on my mat.

I should say why I prefer Ken so much.  He was the first instructor that I did regular naked yoga classes with and everything about the first class with him made me commit to this practice.  His meditations where spot on target with what I was feeling emotionally and intellectually  and his series of poses addressed spots that were abused and neglected from trail running.  I guess I imprinted on him like a newly hatched naked yogi chick will do on seeing her first good instructor. The only criticism I have of his class is that he almost always spends part of the evening focusing on partner work which I am uptight about, but that is more of a criticism of myself than it is of Ken.  However, I’ve been more comfortable doing partner work in class, especially since I got my first boner out of the way.

Pretty full in class and lots of new faces and some nice familiar ones.  I have to say the men were quite handsome this evening and about 20 yogis attended in all.  Ken had a new routine for us where we started on our backs and I appreciated again how he mixes things up.  It was good for me to stretch the neglected and overused parts of my body  and all the expectant pops, snaps, twinges and seizures happened in the process of working it out.  But soon we had to do partner work.  All men gathered in a circle with their arms on each others shoulders and we acknowledged each other and then did assisted warrior 3’s.  Then we paired off and did some face to face pull and stretches, then back to back side bends.

My partner Mark gave me a very significant look staring straight into my eyes and then made a facial gesture that I felt in my balls and the base of my cock.  I shut it down and had to break the gaze.  Mark was very comfortable with my body as a prop and I appreciated that.

Turned out that tonight was Ken’s 40th birthday, and made me think there are alot of us 69ers.  Mischa made some cookies and after washing my hands I ate two.

After that I headed down to Truly Mediterranean on 16th Street for a chicken shawerma and it was such a nice night I ate outside and played more foursquare.  Then I thought I ought to wash it down with a cold beer and drove up to Safeway to get a 12 pack of Hefeweizen and an orange.


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