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I’m at a point in my training where I do 2 short runs of about 5 miles followed by a long run of +10.  What I’m doing is improvising this month of September allowing myself time to put together a program for the North Face Endurance Challenge Championship on 5 December 2009.  With the distance getting longer, I’m running out of local trail.  I’m even considering running down in my neighborhood, SOMA, to the Embarcadero along the waterfront to practice running flat road by the water in preparation for Köln.

So yesterday a long run was scheduled, even though I ended up doing an 8 miler previously.  I decided to run from Battery to Battery: Battery Chamberlain to Battery East; ultimately, from Baker Beach to the Municipal Pier at Aquatic Park.  I had a fika with @swedeinsf scheduled for 1:30 so I tried to begin this run finishing in time to go and eat and have coffee without too much lag in between.

I wish I had started earlier.  Yesterday was absolutely beautiful, already warm with an unoppressive humidity.  Drove out to the beach, got there around 10:30, parked and decided there was no point in wearing a shirt.  Some young people were partying already drinking sake and smoking pot and checking me out.  I got out of the car singing, that’s why and they sang back the “LMFAO” song at me.  Got loose and took off.

Battery to Battery connects alot of trails I’ve been running in the Presidio.  Getting to know that park really well.  Up the switchbacks behind Battery Chamberlain, skip the Batteries to Bluffs at Battery Crosby just to save time.  Under the Historic Battery, down the steps to Crissy Field.  Marina Green I chose to take it all on the road and got my heart rate pumped up to a constant 162 and recorded exactly a 9:30 average split over the 3 miles from the Warming Hut to Lower Fort Mason (! gotta remember that pace!).  Cut behind the Hostel and down to the end of the Municipal Pier and back, up the steps to Battery East and went towards the gun and found a trail back out and steps down to Lower Fort Mason.  Continued back through Marina Green, cut across and ran across the boards of the warehouses which are the workshops and storehouses for the Exploratorium.  Up Halleck and continue up past the Presidio Y to the foot of the Ecology Trail.  Inspiration Point, detour around the Spire to pick up the BART, then down around Naumann where the Trust are still working on tree removal and putting a trail down behind the Cemetery.  Past the Wine Bunker to Immigration Point, down the Connector Trail to the Sand Ladder, and back down the switchback to Battery Chamberlain.

I felt incredibly strong and technical today.  The fair weather elevated my mood and I felt like a trail runner.  Its easy to stay mentally focused on these long runs, right now.  I guess I’m not so worried, but I do have shit to take care of.  Focusing so much on running and getting to the Gay Games.  I figure I have to save $500 a month to be able to handle this, but I’m willing to suffer now so I can compete in style.

Made fika with @swedeinsf and it was good to finally meet my online friend in real life, he’s cool.  Decided I really needed a haircut and shave so drove up to Emilio’s Barbershop and he made me look so good I had to go to the Castro and get a beer at the Edge.  Then it was time to go home and realizing I already blew off the whole day and was enjoying one of the last hot days of Summer parked my car and spent my last $10 on shots and happy hour cocktails in my jockstrap at Chaps II.

  • 9.73 miles
  • 1:54:39 (1:49:19)
  • 11:47 avg. pace
  • 1030 ft. climbed
  • 1322 calories burned
  • 148/165 avg./max bpm

In the zone.


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