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Woke up this morning paralyzed with ennui–almost.  Complained about it but worked it out.  Finally got my shit together enough to roll out to Brainwash for a Rocket and the BK drive through for a croissant mcmuffin and some hash browns to eat on the road to the trail.  Really didn’t know what I was going to do, but decided to start at Upper Fort Mason and at least go to Fort Point.  By the time I got there decided it would be more interesting to do a loop up to the bridge and hit Inspiration Point so as to come down the Ecology Trail.  So that was the route that I did today.

Hit it surprisingly strong.  Understand that I am well trained and improving but I am challenged.  Recorded an average 9:50 mile in the first 2 miles, so there is a good potential at this pace.  Then I’m getting into 13 minute average miles on the ascent up to Inspiration Point, but did take it somewhat easy, its a Labor Day Holiday Recreational Cruise Run today.  Finished strong coming down off the mountain with sub 10’s (9:52 consecutive mile splits for 2 miles -6-7).  Then I wound up with some wind sprints along the Green then walked the rest out.  Surprised at the potential I had when I sprinted, got some secret talent and super powers.

I felt like a Nike, Adidas Chimera with a Camelbak hydration unit and a Death Metal soundtrack in a matinee cinema.  Stop motion animated, I need to learn how to run faster.  On the trail today I decided I will do the half at the North Face Endurance Challenge Championship cos my training is definitely taking me there.  I am quite erratic and frenetic and I am overwhelmed with emotional problems of an existential nature, but I know its just me.  A little paranoid about being so ambitious, but I gotta just say fuck it.  This is what I was born to do.

  • 7.78 miles
  • 1:24:36 (1:22:56)
  • 10:52 avg. pace (good!)
  • 760 ft. climbed
  • 1038 cal. burned
  • 142 bpm

Fort Mason to Inspiration Point Loop


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