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Didn’t know exactly where I was going to run today and was headed out to Fort Funston to do the Great Highway, but from the 280 I could see high fog over at Ocean Beach so I let the marine layer push me south down to Grey Whale Cove because its generally a little less foggy there.  It was nicer at Grey Whale Cove.  The marine layer was high and the wind, if any was mild.  I warmed up and ran the Bunny Trail.  I felt as if I were continuing the run from yesterday, starting at mile 8 with 4 to go to complete a half.  Knowing this, I took it easy and steady up the mountain, running strong, only stopping once to take a piss and another for some water.  My heart rate I kept purposefully low, mindful that today was a short recovery and not balls out.  Must have had a little too much caffeine because I started at the bunnies.  I should be used to them.

Felt very satisfied, then went to Target in Colma and wasted too much time there.  Its good to train and I can see where this new regime is taking me.  I’m definitely leaning towards registering for the half at the North Face Endurance Challenge Championship, but am tempted to see how well I can do in the 10k, seeing how much I’ve improved from last year.  Liking this 2 runs then long run, but it looks as if it may make more sense to do a shortie on Thursday before work and do a long hill trail on Sunday before my bodywork appointment.  Leaning towards doing Miwok in the Marin Headlands.

  • 4.53 miles
  • 0:52:14 (0:50:39)
  • 11:32 avg. pace
  • 907 ft. climbed
  • 658 calories burned
  • 134/155 avg./max bpm.


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