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Have a late call today, so I did stay on schedule with this new improvisational training regime by doing a long run this morning.  I’m looking at the map now and, damn that was crazy.  12.5 miles from Upper Fort Mason to the Palace of the Legion of Honor and back.  It was sunny on the Marina side, but the fog was built up thick and being held at bay in the strait piled to the 3rd arch of the Golden Gate Bridge towers.  Starting off, and down on the Marina Green, my Shuffle died, so I had to rig my headphones to my iPhone, much to my chagrin because I wouldn’t be able to adjust the volume or skip a track once it got going.  Had to take another piss at the St. Francis Yacht Club and took the opportunity to strip out of my shirt.  So just running in Adidas tights down Crissy Field and up to the bridge into the veils of fog along the bluffs.

I had doused myself with this new sunscreen for babies that I got from Target.  I bought it because it had all the sun protectors that a more expensive Neutrogena Sport brand had.  It was running into my eyes and stinging, it was quite unbearable.  I dealt with it and made a note to self not to put that shit on my face.  Glasses kept steaming up in the fog with no wind.  Ran through to Battery Crosby, down the Sand Ladder and along the shorebreak of Baker Beach, cut up through Sea Cliff onto El Camino del Mar and took the Lands End trail head at Eagle Point.

Through and up to the Palace of the Legion of Honor and stopped to take pics of the heroic statue of El Cid.  Through the colonnades around the Rodin and then the fountain.  Found myself face to face with the Holocaust Memorial, tried to run around it then ended up in it.  Wanted to lie down with one of the ceramic bodies as I am a Holocaust victim in this slow Apocalypse.

Fun taking it straight down Lake Street, enamored of the residents’ front gardens and getting big whiffs of sweet jasmine, then cut the corner to the 15th Avenue Gate into the Presidio.  Up the hill past the construction of the old Hospital where the ghost of the Colonel still haunts the upper halls (or so I’m told) surprised at my uphill split: 9:58 between miles 8 and 9.  Now its all cruise cos I’m done with my ups but I was suffering from a little abdominal stitch and stiff achilles.  Then the bottom of my feet were sore and stiff and felt stuffy and hot in my shoes.  These Adidas Kanadia Trail 2s are not raceable.  Certain.

Past the Wine Bunker and picking up the Bay Area Ridge Trail. Presidio Golf Club and Inspiration Point.  Down the Ecology Trail I’m taking it easy, stable and mechanical.  My feet are really hot and stiff so I don’t glide down the trail, just do it steady.  Pop out, down Halleck and back to Crissy Field.  I’m really not feeling it and walk a bit.  Then I run past the Yacht Club and by the time I’m at the Par Course, I’m all fuck it, walk it out so I don’t cool down stiff.  It wasn’t like I totally bonked, I just ran out of gas and worrying about time.  Got to the point where running anymore would be counter productive.

Still alot to be commended about. 12.5 miles is my longest run in this year’s training and I’m good where I’m at.  Realized when I was just running 5 or 6 miles and it seemed like my max, and now I’m twice that.  Still have to work on speed, but if I just keep working, it should follow.

2 days of rest and recovery now, I’m  not kidding.

  • 2:38:48
  • 12.51 miles
  • 12.41 avg. pace
  • 1550 feet climbed (!)
  • 1758 calories burned
  • 130/159 avg./max bpm


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