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I got up early at 4 am, couldn’t go back to sleep.  Really, I went to bed early because I cried myself to sleep.  I was thinking about Ionass the last few days and had been texting him and found out he was in Puerto Rico with friends.  Was happy for him, but realized that I’d like to be there with him but it isn’t possible.  Last night I accidentally (at will or subconsciously intentionally?) texted him that I was going to a BBQ in Guerneville with a mission of meeting some new guys.  I meant to send it to ChefJamesO, but it ended up in Ionass’ inbox due to my own user error.  Oh well at least he texted back to have a good time.

I realize its been almost a full year since we split up.  He had been living in New England for a year and came to visit me for Folsom and to pack and ship some of his remaining shit.  We had a beautiful week together and then went on but remain friends.  Still I know I’m not quite over him. He is the 3rd love of my life and I got a little melancholy with longing and heartache and that caused tears. Tears are tears that weep from a torn heart.  Its medically proven that mine is broken but its not a life threatening condition.

So I tried to sleep, but I’m still suffering from a little food poisoning that I got on Friday night at the Sausage Factory in the Castro.  Kermit has it too and the likely culprit is the Sausage Pizza.  Still feel like I have acid reflux of the ass.  Did as well as I could and since it was nearing 5 am I thought I should run.

Stuck to a 2 day recovery and now I’m on my 2 short runs.  Got a breve and drove down to Golden Gate Park for a 6 mile.  Warmed up and waited for the sun to lighten up the sky.  By the time I started, the sun had risen and I could see clearly on the trail.  The Park Service had barricaded my usual start on the paths behind the Academy of Sciences so I had to improvise.  Miles 2 and 3 were strong with sub 9:30 splits.  I was feeling crampy like I had to take a shit, but the bathrooms were still locked so early in the morning.  Then by Lindley Meadow the need was dire and like magic up sprouted 2 PortaPotties off the curb.  Ran to it and they were padlocked.  A passing cyclist motioned up the road and around the bend I could see 2 more, one a roomy handicapped.  The shit was overflowing the rim in the ADA stall so I went to the able bodied outhouse and dumped.  Relieved until I found there was no  toilet paper, so I crab walked across to the handicap stall and they were out too so I ended up wiping my ass by tearing up the cardboard box that the seat liners are packaged in and ruffed up my asshole a little bit. Ouch!

But relieved I continued my run.  Got to the de Young and stopped to photograph a heroic statue in bronze.  I realized that this is how I want my body to look, and what I thought was a fat gut is really not, as this statue is pretty close to my body type and he is filled out through the abdomen. He is thicker muscled and most likely younger, but I think I’m doing good and combating my anorexia if I can look at this statue and think of the model as well proportioned and not fat.  I’ve been pleased at the morphological transformation that dedicated running has produced.

So after shooting the statue in bad light, I walked out the rest of the way to my car and stretched well mindful of not cooling down tight as my body worker suggested I not do.  Had to go to the Castro to pick up a pound of coffee and decided to treat myself to breakfast and called ChefJamesO to see if he wanted to join me, but he invited me over and made me breakfast instead.

So now, massage at 1 then that BBQ in Guerneville.  Spending the night with Chad and Oscar, driving back to The City but stopping for a probably longish run in the Marin Headlands up Miwok and down Bobcat. Then I have my docent gig at the SF Maritime.  And then a Giant’s game with my bbgff Connie Champagne. Oh what a great weekend!  Kind of wish I had just a bit more sleep last night.

  • 5.79 miles
  • 1:04:29
  • 11:08 avg.pace
  • 350 feet climbed
  • 835 calories burned
  • 130/150 avg./max bpm


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  1. A powerful posting, buddy! Staring in minor, but ending in major. I Love the piece about the statue – and I am happy to hear about that! Keep up the good work!


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