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Mercury Retrograde in full effect. Thursday I tried to return my Adidas Kanadia Trail 2’s back to the Adidas Store in the Westfield Center.  I didn’t have the receipt but had the box because I was going to use it to sort bills.  I came to the conclusion that those shoes sucked and weren’t going to get any better so I wanted to at least get store credit.  I brought the shoes to work in case I had some time in the afternoon to go to the Adidas store and exchange them.  I got there and asked the shop clerk that I would like to return these shoes and I don’t have a receipt and that I performed in them.  She was all, “hold up, wait a minute! You come in here with these shoes in a Nike bag, with no receipt and they’ve been worn and you want to get your money back?”  She scolded me and shamed me into wadding up the Nike bag and stuffing it into the cargo pocket of my TDU’s.  She gave me a scathing look and disappeared into the managers office.

I was duly chastised and she came out and said that after speaking with the manager and without a receipt and because the shoes had been worn she couldn’t  do much for me.  I appealed, “…listen, when you buy products from Adidas online they have a satisfaction guarantee.  I’m a competitive runner and I don’t buy these shoes to look good walking down the street, I buy these shoes to win races.  These shoes under performed.  I shop here all the time…”

“I know that.  Hold up, let me see what I can do.”   So she disappeared back into the managers office to plead my case.

She came back out with the manager and he was willing to work with me and explained that if I could come back with a statement showing when I bought them that he could do a receipt search but could only provide an in store exchange on the same day.  I was, “Great.  I just live right around here, I’ll be back in 30 minutes,” and was already scoping out what I would get from the shop.  I leave the shopping center and stop to think if I could just pull up the date using the internet on my phone, but thought better of it and decided to go home and print it out.  Get to my front gate to realize I had left my keys in the drawer of my station back at work.  Go to work to get my keys and print out my statement at the front desk.  Go home and get my bike and go back to the Adidas store.  Realize that the date that the charge cleared was not the date that I bought the TR 2’s and the manager was looking through the cash register data base for it and couldn’t find it so finally he gave me  store credit.  Mercury Retrograde means we keep moving backwards.  An apt demonstration of that remark.

So I came back with new gear.  I got a light, zip up technical jacket, the Gazelle Wind Jacket, size Small marked down from$75 to $52.50.  The credit I had was $49.99 plus the tax so this was the perfect exchange and now I’m getting into winter gear which is what I was planning on sorting out in the exchange.  Then I came across a pair of  Supernova Split Shorts in black with a super nova detail on the side and a zip pocket at the tail that I just couldn’t pass up marked down to $25 and a size large.  With a 1.5″ inseam, plenty room to move and a nice loose perforated liner to help keep my junk cool.  Spent a little extra money, but I think I really needed to upgrade on the shorts so I look good and feel good on the trail.

So on Friday morning I wanted to run someplace where there would be alot of people recreating to show off my spiffy new gear.  We are having a heat wave and San Francisco is hot.  I ran from Upper Fort Mason to Fort Point.  I wore my Supernova’s with my Gazelle and my oldest pair of Kanadia Trails, which need to be retired as soon as a replacement is acquired.  The weather was great and it was already hot at 8 in the morning so I didn’t even have any pretense to wear a shirt. I just warmed up and left my new wind jacket in the car, strapped on my heart rate monitor and hydration pack and ran to the bathroom to take a dump before the vagabond who regularly uses it first thing when it opens got in there before me.

I had a great run, recorded some nice splits and just soaked up the day and the great morning.  When I was done I shot some pictures of what’s growing in the Fort Mason Community Garden and found a pumpkin patch.  My old shoes definitely felt old, but the new gear looked and felt new and I felt hot.  I was experiencing some inner thigh chafe from the long run in the Marin Headlands and since I’ve been powdering it down its getting better.  Finished up my run and headed off to work.  I forgot my little bike at work, but the Nail Ninja fell in love with it after riding it around SOMA on some errands so I ended up selling it to him for $65 and now it no longer clutters up my foyer.

  • 5.98 miles
  • 1:01:06 (57:27)
  • 10:13 avg. pace
  • 263 feet climbed
  • 809 calories burned
  • 147/160 avg./max bpm


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