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Went to bed cranky as hell and woke up feeling settled but still nasty.  I realize its because I miss Ionass and have been dreaming about him and thinking about him constantly.  What’s really going on is that it is now just about the year anniversary of when we split up.  I know he’s not coming back, but my body and my heart feel his absence.  I’m also menstrual, on the rag.  So my ovaries are acting up making me a bitch all around.  I can handle it, I’ll get through it.

It especially sucked because rather than sit around the flat tweeting grumpy, I went out to Chaps II for what I don’t fucking know.  Call it a drink.  My mood was made more sour when the bartender looked right through me and told two guys behind me that they were the hottest guys he’s ever seen and would give them a shot if they took their shirts off.  Hey, bartender, I’m sitting right here with my shirt off, where’s my shot?  He reluctantly ceded me a shot and I cheered with them, but still was in a funk and I still would like to know how somebody can fuck up a vodka soda.  I put on my shirt and walked home.

Woke up and deleted my worse tweets and admitted to myself what this is all about.  Had some coffee and drove out to San Bruno Mountain to run the Ridge Trail.  It was clear on the ridge with fog below, I’d be running into the mist.  Started out in my new SuperNova shorts and my Adidas tank, but about 6 minutes in discarded the shirt.  I was having some trouble breathing.  It felt like I had asthma, or had smoked too much the night before but I think the shortness of breath is a symptom of my clinically diagnosed broken heart.  I eventually worked it out.  I passed a foraging skunk, sped by, then hit the mile marker quite rapidly.  The 2 mile marker came up even faster and I was surprised I was only 26 minutes down the ridge.  Curious about how this trail bottoms out I continued down the ridge.

It got steep and I knew I was going to regret this coming back up, but was starting to already regret it on the way down.  San Bruno Mountain is an ass kicker and the Ridge Trail is the most difficult part.  If I felt as if I wasn’t getting a good workout by mile 2 but this portion of the trail outside of the boundaries of the park assured that I did.  I turned around at the 32’nd minute because running down a hill  that disappears and straight down is nothing but  freeway isn’t gonna do much for my fitness.  I turned around and came back, having to walk portions until I got up to just before the 2 mile marker and was gassed.  I ran the ridge trail back up to the summit poorly, pushing my shadow ahead of me when I could but I was proud I got this done.

  • 5.44 miles
  • 1:17:33
  • 14:16 avg. pace
  • 1,114 feet climbed
  • 787 calories burned
  • 138/161 avg./max bpm


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