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Lately I haven’t been knowing where I’d be running. I’m still in this program of 2 short runs of about 10 kilometers followed by a long run of about twice that.  After that ass kicker on the Coastal Trail in the Marin Headlands, I was looking forward to doing a short run, something I could accomplish and feel good about.  Its been awhile since I visited Fort Funston and thought I’d may as well start there.  I didn’t really want to pay for park fees or bridge toll, so this was a good course.  I had planned on going and running down to Ocean Beach from there and do a loop of about 6 miles.

Fort Funston is a hang glider spot more than a surf spot.  Hang gliding is so ’70’s I love it and one day I can see myself doing it.  But then you know I have an aversion to expensive sports, although this one, trail running does have costs which add up.  It was a cool foggy day with an ocean breeze: perfect day for hang gliding.  I prepared for it by suiting up in the tights and the long sleeve Reebok technical shirt.  I explored around the parking lot a little bit, looking at trail markers, park info, and found an observation deck and I decided to go there and stretch.

I get out and I see hundreds of dolphins off shore cavorting in the surf.  I was so amazed, it was a dolphin show.  I regretted not having a camera with a zoom or my field glasses.  The pod was moving in a southernly direction, so I looked down there and saw a trail and decided to run as far down the beach as I could to catch the dolphins.

Sandy trail takes one down to Thornton Beach.  Was pleased that the tide had gone out and hard packed wet sand on the shore was nice to run on.  Saw ruins of a pier passing by and then the carcass of a seal.  Further on I could see a promotory in the distance and before it an outcropping in the shallows with an assymetric figure on the top of it.  I started noticing sad balloons, popped and deflated tangled in ribbon and string that probably floated to the beach from the zoo.  I thought to start a cause and call the zoo and have them stop selling balloons because they harm marine life.  Then came across a whole lot of chewed up jellyfish washed in with the tide and another carcass of a seal, this one a baby, missing its flippers, bitten in half at the guts.  The choppy waves looked red as if the sea were of blood and I had to stop and take a picture of that.  Continuing on down the beach, I came to a sea wall constructed of boulders with a path above it, so I scrambled up it to continue down the trail.

This path leads to a chain link gate that is opened.  There is a promontory with a huge arch blasted in the rock, something that must have been done for egress for coastal defense.  The outcropping in the sea was a pelican rock and the assymetric figure some broken, abandoned sign.  Making my way back, a little tired, couldn’t outrun the waves so had to finish in wet shoes.  A flock of comorants were squawking and diving from where they circled above a school of fish.  I thought to myself, could I have mistaken these birds for dolphins?  But I realized it doesn’t matter if what we see are illusions or delusions. We still respond to them. They still require us to act.

  • 6.59 miles
  • 1:22:27
  • 12:31 avg. pace
  • 717 feet climbed
  • 913 calories burned



  1. what a great site and informative posts, I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work! 🙂

      • polynesian69
      • Posted Wednesday 7 October 2009 at 9:20 pm
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      I really appreciate that RobD. I’m really trying to promote my sport, but moreover I’m trying to promote individuality and lifestyle, sustainability and nature. Nothing makes me feel as competent and complete as trail running. Even if I’m shitty at it, it is still something that I know I can do better with practice. I’m hoping this translates to life and other realms and allows me to penetrate resistant spheres of existence. We all exist in modules, but what I find is that we can create them instead of having them imposed upon us.

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