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Let me first begin by describing just how frustrated I am.  Yesterday I had a challenging long run of 12.47 miles from Fort Funston to the deYoung Museum and back.  I used my normal gps application for my iPhone, RunKeeper, and my Garmin Heart Rate Monitor.  Had some curry chicken katsu in Daly City, drove back to the City and had a really nice recovery spa at Kabuki Springs.  Wore my Garmin while I had my spa, get home and there is water underneath the crystal and a small crack.  I just threw away the box for the Garmin last week so I can’t return the unit to Target, and I’ve been on the phone with customer service for Garmin all morning.  I’m waiting for the representative who helped me call me back.  Garmin is going to give me a “good will resolution” and replace the watch even though I got it wet.  I thought it was water proof but apparently its just water resistant.  I have an active lifestyle, I train hard and I need my gear to be able to keep up with me.  This Forerunner 50 didn’t.  It wasn’t a huge investment but I need my HR monitor for training.  Lesson learned–its not safe to wear accessories in the spa, one should be fully naked.  However, I’m concerned that I’m a little more pissed over this than I need be.

But as far as the run is concerned it was ok.  Couldn’t classify it as epic because it is along one of the most boring trails that I run.  Long run scheduled and I didn’t want to pay a bridge toll or a park fee so since running at Fort Funston was so thrilling a few runs back I decided to start from there and go down the Great Highway and loop it through Golden Gate Park.  Strapped on the heart rate monitor, for probably the last time in awhile, geared up with a tank over a long sleeve technical t and tights to complete that streamline wind protection.  2nd oldest pair of Adidas: I need new shoes.  Started along the trail headed north past the Battery and was jumped by a rambunctious St. Bernard puppy.  Fort Funston is dog walk central.  Ran out of trail and had to cross over into a protected area and I felt awful about that, native habitat restoration going on there and I just crushed it, but that was a trail there before.  Then I’m cruising past the Zoo and over to the median trail of the Great Highway running on the side on the bridle trail.

My shoes are flat.  These Adidas Kanadia Trails so need to be replaced.  This sport is starting to be costly, and I am fucking up my money and am broke until payday.  I’m trying to save up for the Gay Games 2010 but am running into setback after setback.  But then that is part of the sport, right?  Gains, gain, plateau, setback, setback, gain, gain, gain, major epic setback.  As in trail running as in life.  Trail running as a sport lets me know that some of it is gonna suck, but overall I have traveled some distance and I have control over most things but really I fuck things up for myself and I’m aware of that.  Gotta be a better friend to myself and stop hiding things.  Oh my goddess, the things that I fuck up for myself are the things that I should be more aware of.  Can’t take credit for being stupid, but at a certain age, change is a concept that when practiced is limited by established habit.

Hopefully I’ll be able to overcome some of that.

Rather boring Great Highway, cross over into the park.  Nice and steady but notice I’m slow but stable. The Museum, The Tea Garden, back along the trail parallel to Lincoln.  Slow, stable. Coming out past the windmill and then a group of teenaged boys running cross country in a pack was enough to motivate me for awhile, but they were fresher and passed me.  Wondered if I kept on running since high school how epic I would be, but thats a causeless fantasy.  Coming to the end of the median on the way back feeling strong, but slow again and had to run alongside the highway as to not go off limits with cars speeding by at 50 miles an hour with my back to them was not my idea of safe, sane or consensual trail running.  At the bottom of the staircase at Fort Funston and was done.  Wanted to walk it out to make sure I cooled down well.  Then the chicken curry katsu.  Then the spa.  Then the #fail.

  • 12.47 miles
  • 2:27:43
  • 11:51 avg. pace
  • 625 ft. climbed
  • 1569 calories burned


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