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Long run that Monday and I didn’t get a chance to get in my next short run until Friday morning.  Knew that I would be pushing it to make it to work on time so I told myself to just run fast bitch and you can make it.  I reversed the Presidio Loop and ran down the Ecology Trail off of Inspiration Point down to Tennessee Hollow, then through the parkland campus of the Lincoln Digital Arts Center.  Palace pond and down Crissy Field.  Feeling good and strong did an 8:42 minute split on the flat there.  Up the steps underneath the Bridge, along the Batteries, skipped the trail down to Marshall Beach in the interest of time.  Connector, Wine Bunker, Trail, Trail, done.  In the elevator stepping into the shop at 10:01 am.  All good.

  • 5.87 miles
  • 1:03:01
  • 10:44 avg. pace
  • 8:42 best split (28′)
  • 592 feet climbed
  • 771 calories burned


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