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I may be pushing it just a little to hard and now I am dealing with use related injuries where the pain is located in the knees.  Both knees, but the right one especially.  I have been complaining about it to my body worker and he suggested that I do strengthening exercises, namely squats and weight training to help stabilize the knee.  I’ve done naught.  Also I have a client who until recently was the sports doctor for the Cal football team and he had me do a test which revealed that the problem isn’t with the knee, its with the hip, and the unstable movement travels all the way down and affects the knee.  Like a crooked piston.  He suggests I strengthen core.  They are both right.  I’ve been running to the exclusion of all other forms of cross training.  I’m still loathe to the idea of a gym and I think what is going to be a bit more solid for me is aquatics and more naked yoga and working out on my own, sit ups and push ups and core building bamboo twists.

So I was definitely feeling the wobbly stiffness after my run on Friday, but wanted to get in a run early on Saturday.  Yes, its true I did wake up stiffer on Saturday than the day before, but I was determined to get my training in.  So I drive out before 7am and got a shitty coffee from Starbucks and squeegeed my dusty windows on the Contour before going up to the Presidio Golf Course Club House to do the Presidio Loop I did the previous morning.  Getting out the car, stiff.  Greeted a golfer unpacking his clubs, “Great day for a game of golf!”

“Great day for a run.” He replied.

I tried to stretch it out but was a little concerned.  The pain was situated deep and wasn’t likely to stretch away.  I began my run, woah!  It was painful, but I was determined to train through it and allowed myself to take it slow and steady.  Down Ecology Trail, nice and stable.  Through the residences in the hollow, yes it is more painful to run on asphalt than it is trail.  Letterman and at the Palace of Fine Arts arrived at just the perfect moment where the dome and the colonnades were lit up in the orange glow of the sunrise with a perfect reflection rippled and distorted on the black green surface of the pond that stages as a moat.  I took the opportunity to strip off a layer and snap a picture.  Continuing through to Crissy Field, a Nike sponsored Breast Cancer walk or run or tri had registration booths set up in front of the Yacht Club and running on the promenade passed people crossing the finishing line of a fun run.  Pink dome titty tents were set up on the lawns near the warming hut, some decorated with peace sign and happy face rain flaps for easier identification by the participants in the breast cancer tri.  A runner passed by me with the most excellent and efficient form I have ever seen.  He glided by, upper body totally stable and the lower body had an amazing turnover.  I tried his stride for awhile and noticed something to it, and I looked at other runners around me and could see how energy is wasted throwing arms and legs all over the place like a broke down Raggedy Andy.

Up the steps to the bridge pounding those knees in place noticing it is less painful running uphill. Almost done, taking the Batteries.  Connect, Wine Bunker, Trail.  Ended the loop feeling the pain, not a sharp shooting pain, but a deep and wobbly ache in which stiffness rapidly settled in.

I’ve grounded myself for a few days to recover.  Yesterday, Sunday, I drugged my knees with Tylenol 3’s: 2 tabs in the morning and 2 tabs at night.  I iced a bit on Saturday and Sunday.  I’m not going to dose today unless I get bored and start drinking vodkas but I’m happy to report that the inflammation has died down a bit and I’m on my way to feeling normal.  For active rest yesterday I did the South of Market Leather Bar Loop in old school Levi’s Leather drag with a motorcycle cap, bar vest, tank top cut up to a half shirt, Jordache Jeans and motorcycle boots.  Felt really hot in my trail running body and keeping it old school the SOMA way.  Decided that bears don’t like me so I’ll just start going the other way.  Call me Daddy Z.  Previous to the ‘ho stroll I made some awesome bbq and potato salad while watching the 49’ers shut out the Rams. I need fuel to heal and I let my instinct and craving decide what to make.  I’m chilling out today, walked to the ATM on 8th Street to get some cash so I can go to Bryan Harrelson’s Naked Yoga Happy Hour on 17th and Mission at 5:45.  Hope I make it.  I really need a haircut and a shave, but I really don’t know where I’m at.  I really don’t want to be driving around today.

I need to wrap it up here by just saying that I need to develop and implement a strategy that includes cross training and is not exclusively trail running.  I’ve really increased both my mileage and distance in September and I think what I’m dealing with now are overuse injuries: my strength isn’t up to my desire.  I ran 107 miles last month, but I don’t think this month will be as crazy.  I’m training for a 9 miler at Lake Chabot on 8 November which I will register for once I run the course on Wednesday when I should be well enough recovered.  And then there is the North Face Endurance Challenge Championship on 5 December and I am going to repeat the 10k distance just to gauge how far I’ve come along in my trail running.  I find myself a recreational runner on the verge of becoming competitive and I need to get creative when it comes to pushing it up a skill level.

Well, this is what I need do: Cross Train and start limiting miles.  Oh I love running hard and running far, I just gotta be a little more restrained and work on technique and core.

  • 5.96 miles
  • 1:14:15
  • 12:27 avg. pace
  • 652 feet climbed
  • 789 calories burned


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