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Got Oscar back out on the trail today.  Trying to keep it interesting so I thought I’d reverse the course and start from Immigration Point and run out to and back from the Presidio Golf Club.  Woke up groggy on the couch around 7:30 discomfitted but still eager to do.  Called Oscar who just woke and told him I’d be there in about an hour cos I knew I needed an extra cup of French Roast.  After I got out the shower and geared up, most of the sloughiness had rinsed away and I’m in my ride cruising to Church and 15th Street to pick up my BFW for a morning trail run.

Called Oscar on the phone when I got to his flat, parked in a driveway in front and he said he’d be right down.  Across the street a priest got out of a car driven by someone else and genuflected 3 times before entering the Russian Church.  A beautiful chapel, I got out and shot it, trying to get the whole thing in perspective but my angle only cropped it.  The church was painted a sea foam green and had windows of dark stained glass.  If I were to go to a church, I think I’d love listening to a sermon in Russian.  I’m not a Catholic, I’m a new age pagan atheist witch so I have room for and am appreciative of all ceremony and ritual as long as they don’t spread hate or invoke black magic. My love for vodka confirms that I’m Russian.  That’s no secret.  I’d go there.

Oscar came down and got in the car so we headed out to the Presidio.

Nice to talk to a buddy on the ride to the trail.  I can tell he’s getting alot out of it.  So many weekend warriors out, I almost ran a red light cruising a jogger coming down Market Street.  The Nike Women’s Marathon is next Sunday here in the City, and the number of lady athletes running about is an indicator of a really good turn out.

October chill has settled in town.  There isn’t a wind but its Alaska cold–to a Californian.  Warmed up a bit and hit the trail after Oscar finished his cigarette.  This trail is more challenging if started this way running it from West to East and it showed.  It was kicking Oscar’s ass a little bit.  I observed he had to walk it out a little more than usual.

Again I let Oscar set the pace and I also let him blaze the trail so he could develop his kinesthetic and mnemonic sense of trail on his own.  Feeling the mutual burnout of a trice run trail, even in reverse, I prepared in advance a few rewards.  I told him next time we would run this trail with our iTunes and I had a cocounut water juice box chilled and ready for the both of us at completion of the course.

Oscar wants to get me in the gym, and since he is experienced at bodybuilding I think I’ve got a good ally.  I’m conceited about gyms, just as I am about road running.  I don’t really want to go there.  My pros tell me I’m hurt from lack of cross training and I concur.  I think as we fall and it rains it will be a time to focus on more cross training.  Summer is over and I can feel the crisp frigidity of the onset of the Fall/Winter collection of good excuses to not go on trail.  My back up plan is aquatics and weight training, but hope I can delay that until I get through my next two races and get some gear that will protect me from harsh environment when the weather becomes inclement.

  • 2.66 miles
  • 30:56
  • 11:38 avg. pace
  • 241 feet climbed
  • 335 calories burned
  • 155 lbs.


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