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Today was just about getting my training done and I was interested in doing a course that was the aggregate number of miles I had been running with Oscar.  Putting that together and wanting to do it close to home and because of my volunteer gig I thought that doing the Golden Gate Park with the added element of running past the Cliff House and down the steps from Sutro Heights Park would keep me close to schedule. Got up at 7:30 am and put myself together, counting down the hours and just reckoning I would make it to my volunteer gig at the National Park right on time by 12.  Got to the trail about 9 and was pleased to find parking right by the Japanese Tea Garden.

Earlier today I thought I’d reverse the course, but really that trail along Lincoln is a pretty intense uphill and because of my time constraints I wanted to hit what was familiar.  Smooth going, then along the promenade at Ocean Beach was rather enjoying the scene with the surfers getting ready or getting pounded in the 2 foot surf.  Red tide like I saw before.  A bleeding ocean.  Bombing it like its most familiar, checking in a little torn up with injuries but wanting to get this long run done and stay on schedule and run before the storm that is due to hit the City within hours.

  • 1:22:24
  • 7.26 miles
  • 11:21 avg. pace
  • 579 feet climbed
  • 963 calories burned


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