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It was balmy and tropical yesterday after Tuesday’s torrential and cleansing storm so I ran in the bare minimum: shorts, shoes and socks.  Of course I had my other tri-borg gear on: visor, lenses and hydration unit with a stowed gps.  Reversed the Presidio Loop again to see how I was dealing with the over use strain in the knee and really just gauge my time and blow off some steam.

Looks like I ran this course really fast on 2 October 2009 with an overall pace of 10:44 but the next day I ran it again in pain and with worn out shoes and did a 12:27 minute pace.  Although I felt good yesterday my overall pace was 12:30, slower than when I did it in pain.  I can only figure that stopping to take pictures slowed me down and that gets figured into the pace, it was a nice run anyway.

So I start at the Golf Club and run my way down to Tennessee Hollow where I ditch the shirt after getting heated up.  I kicked up a downed stick which scratched the back of my calf but didn’t draw blood.  I started out with some Salon Pas stuck to my knees where it was sore, but they wouldn’t stick for the sunscreen and sweat.  Thinking next time out I’ll try sport tape.  No incidents, I was hoping that it would be alot muddier but I guess the earth is so dry it just sucked up all 7 inches of the rain.  On Crissy Field got passed by a high school football team running laps and up past the Historic Battery, I just had to stop to take photographs because the Bridge and the Bay looked stunning.  Continuing on, I’m almost done.  So familiar with the bluffs part of the trail, its pretty much cruise.

On top of Immigration Point I saw the waves breaking off Point Bonita were so huge and I stopped to observe, then its past the Wine Bunker down the home stretch, all good.

I have to note the fragrance of a fresh trail after a rain.  Maybe it was all the downed trees getting chainsawed, or just the scent of them drying out to punk, but it smelled like pine incense on the trail, earthy and delightful and very buddha.

A thought on those new Saucony Pro Grid Trail Guide; don’t like.  One reviewer said it feels like 2″x4″s on the feet and he’s right.  Very stiff, not flexible and like a little to large, I feel my feet sliding around in the shoe and they don’t feel secure.  Believe it or not, I’m going to exchange them for a road running shoe, anything, but the fit sucks.

  • 5.88 miles
  • 1:13:29
  • 12:30 avg. pace
  • 610 feet climbed
  • 764 calories burned


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  1. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

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