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Got Oscar out on the trail to complete his initiatory course this morning.  Woke up late, a little bit of a time crunch but Oscar was willing so we were good to go.  Early morning muffled fog, low visibility and still.  Told Oscar we had to run this course fast to stay on schedule and he went pretty much all out, I had to keep up with him while he set the pace.  Glad we got this in as it is my last run before going to Hawaii and I hope my training goes well there.  Found out that the XTERRA World Championships are being held down the street from our resort on Maui, so I’ll run the 10k trail portion on Friday and hopefully get to rub shoulders, or better, with some world class endurance athletes.

Coaching Oscar has been great for my training; I find myself tapering without being annoyed by it.  I’m still over the map trying to figure out what I should do, but I think its just best to let the time and the course reveal itself to me with what is available and get it done.  Next week on Oahu and Maui I need to put together about 18 miles according to my tapering configuration.  When I return I’ll continue with Oscar on the Lands End Trail.  I’m comfortable that I’ll be prepared for the 9 mile around Lake Chabot on Sunday 8 November but don’t know if it will make sense to go out and attempt the course before the actual race.

  • 2.65 miles
  • 27:09
  • 10.16 avg. pace
  • 429 feet climbed
  • 362 calories burned
  • 156.8 lbs.


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