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10717_1130625305894_1235086001_30317316_2165278_nWhat’s active rest?  Sitting on my lanai in Maui icing my throbbing chafe  and slathering my inner thigh with Desitin.  Tuning my ‘ukulele and playing it for the pretty girl next to me poolside.  An hour soaking in the treated tubs at the Terme spa, an hour signature massage followed by yet another hour long soak in my power baths.  Going into town and having a happy hour dinner at Outback Steakhouse.  Competing on the Big O Oh Yeah Orange Team Chef Cookoff Challenge and getting to announce our surf and turf presentation all hot and smoky like Barry White.  Going skinny dipping late night on the beach in front of the Grand Wailea and there’s a local guy cruising for a blow job and smoking a cigarette in front of a wooden sign.  Going on an expedition on a high speed ponotoon speedboat and snorkeling behind Molokini Crater and observing the sea caves and formations in a 400 and 600 year old lava flow.  Snorkeling naked at Little Beach at Makena and having a picnic of sushi, fried chicken, poke and cold unfiltered sake under the shade of a resort umbrella.  Going on a little naked hike on a volcano and getting off watching this guy give another guy a blow job in a kiawe (Prosopis pallida) forest.  

That’s active rest!


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