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Sunday morning in Maui, chafing significantly subsided and its about 6am and I am so eager to do a run before the sun comes up.  I really have to give it to the Spa Grande at the Grand Wailea and the Terme Hydrotherapy circuit.  Its known that I love baths, and I suffer from nothing but a shower in this flat.  Imagine my glee when I found that the Spa Grande has not only the traditional bubbly and still hot tubs with cold plunges but also 5 treated baths that affect the body and soul on different levels.  Papaya enzyme, Hawaiian Sea Salt, Limu (Hawaiian Seaweed), Eucalyptus Aromatherapy, and my power bath Moor Mud.  The Moor Mud was really talking to my body in a harmonious language that I was so happy to sit back and listen to.  The mud is purported to ease inflammation, and I was a body full of that; inflamed knee, calf, chafed thigh and even my tongue and throat were inflamed from when I ate a  scalding hot Lau Lau at Helena’s 5 days ago.  I did an hour soak in my favorite baths, had a signature massage in a treatment room and then came back to soak in my power baths.  Hunger finally drove me out of the baths but I really could have stayed all day.

So thinking my training in Hawaii was done I was stoked to get in a run on Maui.  Although I plotted it, I couldn’t do the 10k course of Xterra because the title was going to be earned that day, so I ran from the resort out to Kihei.

Staging for the run I had a few awful surprises.  The North Face T somehow got unbearably stinky in my luggage and slime mold, bacteria or fungus contaminated the bladder of my CamelBak so I had to toss both of them out.  Had two 500ml bottles of water from the hotel, so knew that was good to go and I stowed them in my empty CamelBak along with my iPhone.  Walked down to the lobby all strapped up tri-fetish, not even bothering with the shirt.  Had trouble getting a GPS signal in the lobby, but did so walking down the drive.  Hit the ENSLAVED playlist, its really all I need listen to and is perfect soundtrack for Hawaii, and started my run.

Now is this trail running or road running? I hit portions of established trail and since I’m a trail runner it is always trail running even though I hit significant portions of road.  I exist in civilization so it is inevitable that I tread sidewalk.  No shame in my game. I’m a trail runner, so trail running is what I do regardless of whether it is or has been paved over.  One day it won’t be.

Straightforward, out the driveway of the resort, up Wailea Alanui Drive, cut over to Okalani Drive, and then South Kihei Drive, back the way I came.  It was cool, on the way out I was seeing Xterrans on their mountain bikes with their bib numbers on their uniforms and handlebars on their way to the starting line of their offroad tri World Championships, throwing them shakas and I knew for a second they were wondering why I was running the wrong way.

I had to stop and take a photograph of the sun rising over Haleakala.  The sunrise  looked like a slow nuclear explosion on the summit of the volcano. White hot.  Passed the boat launch were we started our snorkle tour the day before and continued on down glorious Kihei beach parks.  For some reason I started thinking that we were supposed to have breakfast at 8 am, so I turned around at the stoplight and made my way back to the resort.  When I got back, my traveling companion was passed out with the flatscreen blaring, and I couldn’t find the remote to turn it down.  I was on the lanai checking my stats when he woke up to tell me that he had booked us a flight to Honolulu and a room in Waikiki.

So that was the last of my training in the Hawaiian Islands.  I have to tell you that being a trail runner in the San Francisco Bay Area I’m better off.  We have more diversity of trail and a more temperate climate.  The sun was really kicking my ass and people who run in Hawaii know better to do it in the early morning or evening.  I haven’t trained since I got back to the mainland.  I’m ready to though.  One development is that I’m thinking of bailing on the Lake Chabot race because I’m still broke from taking a vacation and the overall turnout for the race is poor.  I can spend the Lake Chabot entry money on the North Face Endurance Challenge Championship and get a new bladder for my CamelBak and focus my training.

  • 6.26 miles
  • 1:08:15
  • 10:54 avg. pace
  • 326 feet climbed
  • 828 calories burned
  • 162.4 lbs.


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    • gingerspark
    • Posted Tuesday 3 November 2009 at 1:32 pm
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    I’d rather have gone to Hawaii than to Chabot Lake… just saying.

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