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My best biological girl friend, Connie Champagne, wanted to celebrate her 50th birthday with me at her favorite resort, Wilbur Hot Springs.  Really happy to go with her, it is one of my favorite places too.  A big 2 story plantation house with a covered porch surrounding it is where guests stay.  Connie and I share the bunk room with other guests instead of staying in a room of our own.  The rooms are very grandma B&B and are perhaps more suited for couples, but usually when we go on my days off, Sundays and Mondays, all the weekend guests have cleared out and we have the biggest room in the house all to ourselves.

We drove up on a Saturday night and had a great time chatting and listening to psychedelic cassette tapes on the way up there.  Got checked in and settled into our bunk room which was actually full but I got my favorite bunk, the one with the view of the fireplace from behind the partition in the room divider. Connie slept in a bunk on the other side of the room.

Monday was Connie’s birthday, so in the morning I made her pancakes and bacon for breakfast then spent the rest of the day preparing her cake.  In between I smoked weed and drank my yellow wine from the box and jammed out on my ‘ukulele down by a bridge then up on a hill chasing the sun until it sank behind the valley.  After the sun set I finished decorating the cake and Connie marinated the New York steak using her grandpa’s teriyaki sauce based recipe.  I have this notoriously good way of french frying a steak in olive oil and butter in a super hot skillet and then throwing it in the oven full blast to finish it off.  At Wilbur the gas range and oven are professional quality and I got that oil and butter a bit way hotter than I could ever get at home.  When I laid the first steak dripping in Grandpa Ernie’s marinade down in that cast iron skillet all the hot grease splashed up at me like a volcano.  All I could really do was run my burned arm under the tap in the kitchen and mind the steaks which came out so tender and perfectly medium rare that the meat at the bone was warm and flaked off like sushi grade ahi.

There was enough cake for everybody at the resort who wanted some, enough for people who really loved it to have seconds.  After we cleaned up for dinner Connie and I went back up to the now vacated bunk room and sat up by the fireplace.  Connie reminisced about her birthdays in the past while I drank my yellow wine from the box and dosed myself with Tylenol 3’s until I felt no more pain.

So on Tuesday morning I woke up early to do a long run on the property following the trail through a meadow and valley that wends along Sulphur Creek.  Still hadn’t solved the problem of the rotted bladder of my CamelBak so I stowed a half frozen litre of water in a compartment of it and carried another by hand.  I had started my run and saw that the geyser on the property was spouting.  I stopped and shot pictures of it and enjoyed the gushing until it stopped.  Ran out and down through the meadow and got really irritated by the weight and balance of the spare iced liter bottle of water in the CamelBak so I stashed it on an electricity grate below an Oak. Continuing my run along Sulphur Creek and really enjoying it because I had ran it before and was looking for familiar landmarks like the crik crossings and the abandoned tractor.  I forgot if I ran a portion of this trail naked or without a shirt, but knowing me I probably tried for awhile, in fact I think I probably did because then I was still recovering from the Hawaiian Chafe and clothes are a factor in aggravating that.  I was hitting the trail pretty good, but still annoyed with the weight distribution of my ghetto solution hydration unit.

About 3.5 miles out on the Sulphur Creek Trail I had to cross the creek and there was pretty much no way to avoid getting my feet wet.  Noticed my Saucony’s are really not the best trail shoe for wet courses.  They became quite heavy and annoyingly clammy as I finished up at the end of the trail and on the return.  Sloshing again through those same crossings and my Saucony’s were getting heavier and heavier.  At around mile 6 I must have been getting tired because I slipped and recovered in a huge sulfurous mud rut and now my heavy shoes were even heavier caked in this clay.  Still I felt kind of strong and because of the beauty of the property and the perfect running conditions.  I was so in my own zone I wasn’t aware of distance or time.  As it turns out, my pace was pretty good around 11 minute miles.  Retrieved my stashed icy bottle of water which was a good thing because I had ran out of water on the run and made my way back to the resort and soaked my pleasantly fatigued ass and burnt arm in the miraculous healing waters of Wilbur.

  • 24 November 2009.  9:26-11:24 am
  • 1:44:37
  • 13:05 avg. pace
  • 819 ft. climbed
  • 1,115 calories burned


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