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As it turned out, those burns I sustained at Wilbur turned out to be pretty severe, 2nd degree in fact.  Connie and I were packing to go back to The City on Tuesday afternoon and as I was loading the Contour I scraped  my forearm, exposing the raw layers of skin underneath the surface char.  Opening that wound cut through the painkillers amplified by wine I had dosed myself with the night before and the adrenaline and endorphins from my 8 mile run that morning.  I bandaged myself up using the first aid kit in the lobby and started to get an inclination of how serious this injury was.  Still made it back home, but when I went to work on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving the pain flared to an intolerable level and I had to go to Kaiser Urgent Care to get treatment.

Stupid cunt of a doctor, Dr. Polanski, said she was concerned about my level of pain and prescribed me Ibuprofen.  I trusted that bitch, went home anointed with Silver Sulfadiazine all good and bandaged by the wound nurse.  I was preparing Thanksgiving dinner with the LGID.  The pain was intolerable so I just kept drinking Vodka cocktails to help manage it and recover from the stress of acquiring what may be life long scars.  Then a wave of pain came over me that was so intense I started freaking out because I couldn’t bear it. LGID got on the phone with Kaiser to see if I can be seen or if they could give me a pain pill prescription.  They said I’d have to go to emergency, but that wasn’t gonna be happening.  Had a turkey to stuff.  Eventually the nurse on the phone said that if I needed stronger pain pills then I should have INSISTED upon it.  I was pissed!  I’m not the doctor so I don’t know what I need.  Then I told them how I had some Tylenol 3’s left over from my last bout with pain and how should I take them.  She wouldn’t say.  Oh was I pissed.  Pain makes me angry, that kind of pain at that level of intensity.

So fortunately I was able to go back to the Urgent Care Clinic at Kaiser and I saw a Registered Nurse this time who was sympathetic and gave me a prescription for Vicodin, some good advice and changed up my bandages.  I was grateful for that but a little more than miffed that I had to twice pay my co-pay to correct Dr. Polanski’s poor treatment.

What I was most mad about with Dr. Polanski was that I would have taken anything and drank alcohol with it to minimize the pain I was feeling.  This kind of cocktailing and drug mixing is what killed Anna Nicole, Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson and her irresponsibility could have left me with some serious complications.  BITCH!

So I spent the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend pretty much drugged up and recovering.  Had to miss some work but my wounds healed progressively well and are looking pretty good today.  I have to give credit to the awesome Urgent Care nurses, but If I ever find myself needing to get urgent treatment, I’m going to insist on an RN.

The LGID took pretty good care of me during my recovery as it was very difficult to wrap bandages with my left arm.  As it turned out he was on board to hang out with me at my favorite resort, The Highlands in Guerneville which was to be my reward for completing the North Face Endurance Challenge Championship.  As I wrote before, I failed to enter before the race sold out and as an alternate I was going to do the Pacific Coast Trail Run hosted Woodside 11 k in Huddart Park.  Add previous setbacks with gear, chafe and now burns I was pretty much, “fuck it” for any racing the rest of that year.

LGID is a grill master.  He’s really great on the Q.  We barbequed and hung out, even sleeping in the same bed, but our relationship now is not romantic.  I’m still in love with Ionnas, that’s pretty much the way its going to be with me.  Hopefully, this work I’m doing on myself will make me available to someone I’m irresistably attracted too and also available to me.  We’ll see.  So LGID’s friend JP came up with his bf.  I was in such a drug haze I couldn’t even remember who was there til’ I just wrote this.  LGID did a bbq, ate that Saturday Night it was all good. There was also a Parade of Lights down Main Street.  We did the BBQ after that.

So I wake up on Sunday morning and I’m all, “I should run.”  LGID asked, “Do you have the stuff to do it?”  Assessing, I said, “Yes.”  I had my Adidas track suit which would keep me warm enough and my Saucony’s, stinky and caked with mud from Wilbur were in the trunk of the Contour.  I even had an empty litre bottle to fill up with water to carry with me on the run.  So I set out from the resort to run to Armstrong Woods and back.

Starting out down the hill feeling pretty strong.  It was cold, crisp and misty with fog.  Persimmon trees, barren of leaves but laden with fruit were saturated in dripping condensation threatening to turn into icicles.  The air felt chill and fresh.  I’m very annoyed having to carry this water bottle and annoyed I don’t have any control over my playlist on my iPhone.  I start running and walking in frustration progressively with longer walk intervals through the run.  I’m realizing that the painkillers are somewhat affecting my activity level and I’m really in no shape to be out here.  I make it to Armstrong woods, persistence paying off.  I see a car wrecked off the side of the road that wasn’t there on my way out and the driver talking to a Highway Patrolman.  Towards the end I’m pretty much all walking, happy at least to get this workout in and check in with where my body was at.  I had hit a real low and I realized there was no point in running at all for the rest of the year of 2009.

  • 6 December 2009, 10:53 am – 12:03 pm
  • 1:09:28
  • 4.58 miles
  • 15:10 avg. pace
  • 270 feet climbed
  • 605 calories burned


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