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Monthly Archives: February 2010

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Just completed a 4.42 mi run with RunKeeper

Distance 4.42 mi | Duration 0:58:17 | Calories Burned 677
Average Pace 13:12 / mi | Average Speed 4.55 mph | Elevation Climb 739 ft

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Tai Chi complete now it’s time for some trail at Grey Whale Cove,

is now getting her gym bag together to try out a Tai Chi class at the Bay Meadow’s Gold’s.

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Time to get in touch with your dantien!
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Zeon D V Kitchiner

i made it through 2 of the seventy odd moves today!
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  • 28 February 2010
  • 1:17 – 2:15pm
  • 58:17
  • 4.42 miles
  • 13.12 avg. pace
  • 4.55 avg. speed
  • 739 feet climbed
  • 677 calories burned
  • 160.8 lbs


Brainwash was closed that early but Peet’s made my coffee perfect.  It cut through the fog and haze that was giving me anxiety and confusing me on what I had to do.  I had a day full of cross training planned, starting out with Tai Chi at the Bay Meadow’s Gold’s Gym followed by a trail run on the Bunny Trail above Grey Whale Cove through McNee Ranch State Park and ending it with a 4’o’clock yoga class at the SOMA Gold’s.

Smooth cruise to San Mateo via 280 -101 and found the Archstone Residences and yuppie strip mall where the Bay Meadow’s Gold’s is sited.  I’m impressed by the newness, and the cleanness.  The only thing that keeps it funky are the humans occupying themselves there and I like to think that even this Mission Adobe sterile architecture is designed with open space, your top 2 competing coffee franchises, a hair salon and a nail spa.  Whole Foods too, for the people who work and reside in the complex, as well as those that are there, like me, to take in some recreation by getting a work out.  Parking is ultra.

Little confused by the layout because of the unfamiliar architecture.  Even though I spent a large portion of my life on the other side of the freeway from the Hillsdale exit, so much has changed down the Peninsula and South Bay since I went to Elementary and Junior High schools there.  The high tech office parks used to be open fields where we’d make BMX courses.  Sad for kids now who don’t have the open space to explore and create, but then again, I haven’t changed much.  I’m still able to find open spaces to play in.  I found the Gym and was impressed.  It looked like I was going to give it a 5 star yelp just from the way it looked from the outside.

Unfamiliar with the protocol of a new gym I checked in with the front desk to ask where I could find the Tai Chi class and if I needed to wear shoes. Front desk told me that the studio was up the stairs and it was the only one up there and everyone had to take their shoes off to go into the studio.  I asked and then she directed to the segregated locker rooms, a nice water feature of lava rock and fern demarcating the entrances that were momentarily confusing to me.

Definitely a straight vibe in the locker room, very little talking and just a bit more posturing in front of the recessed vanity mirror above which was set a flat screen monitor broadcasting the pre-game analysis of the Gold Medal Hockey match between the Canadians and the U.S.  I had dressed to go into the studio in my black Adidas track suit bottoms, a Cal t’shirt and my trail running shoes.  Arrived  5 minutes early and a yoga class was winding down, yogis and yoginis side stretching to compose themselves into a final and meditative Savasana.  I took that opportunity to stow my socks in my shoes and my shoes in a cubby and chat up the other Tai Chi people informing them I was new.  Made an ageist faux pas but hopefully recovered enough not to be a dick, identified the instructor, Nathan Ng, and introduced myself.  He did a quick assessment then explained how he would incorporate me into his class.

Wanted to take a primo spot by the windows and allowed myself to be guided by the territorial energy of the regulars and the wet sweaty spots on the state of the art bamboo floor.  I got something close to where I wanted to be.  Nathan began with shoulder openings and gestures to draw energy in.  I could really feel the chi there and was sensitive to its viscosity because of the Geomantic work I’ve been doing.  I also felt strong in the one legged stances and had my yoga practice to thank for that.  Then as a group, the class aligned itself into rows and practiced the opening movements across the studio and back after which Nathan broke the group up into an advanced squadron and the two newbies led by an intermediate.

Nathan instructed our intermediate trainer, Chuck, to take me and the other newb, Linda, through the first moves of the opening sequence.  Trained as an actor and dancer I eased into following his movements in the mirrors.  Chuck smelled like Irish Spring and it was comforting, yet soapy sharp.  He had a diamond studded ear ring in his right ear which made me wonder about his sexuality.  Chuck…hmm.  It made me be a little extra friendly.  He was a little unsure about being put on the spot, but I was feeling his flow.  As an instructor myself I know that the highest percentage of retention is created by teaching and for this I appreciated Nathan’s approach.  While Nathan led the other group Chuck went through the stances with us.  Nathan came back and cut out the two following movements to make us focus on the opening two. It was more difficult to flow with Nathan because of an initiates desire to impress. Still I felt good about what I was able to accomplish even though it was so little.

Overthanked Chuck and Nathan and reintroduced myself to Linda. Back to the M locker room to get my gear on for a trail run on the Bunny Trail.  Felt really good about incorporating a new dimension to my practice and completed the first component of my Sunday Tri.

My morning habit of tweeting an affirmation paid off when I found my feed revealing that an 8.8 earthquake had struck Chile and tsunami alerts were posted for the islands of the Pacific and the coasts along the Ring of Fire. Tried as best as I could to use meteorological sites on the internet to determine what time I could expect a tsunami to hit San Francisco.  Confused by time zone conversions I estimated that if I got this run in early morning I’d be safe.  I also learned that if I heard an air raid siren to immediately start running up hill on the evacuation route.

Took 280 out and missed the John Daly exit so ended up on Eastman where I had to reorient seeing the summit and ridges of San Bruno Mountain mantled in stormy fog, it’s lush green slopes rising majestically like a volcano.  Finally arriving at Ocean Beach I stepped out of my car. The air felt almost Polynesian, heavy with potential storm, rinsed clean and steamy.

Did an 8 second video experiment of the sea from a distance and looking up saw a sphere composed of multi-colored light floating over the ocean.  As I did some reluctant stretches the sphere would distend but never bow.  On the run I had to stop and strip off my shell,  by that time the orb had extended itself to a half rainbow and Massive Attack came on in my earphones, their dark electronica a haunting soundtrack evoking the deadly nature of a rainbow.  At Sloat I passed a prayer circle and coming around the corner, slapping the leaves of a rosemary bush like a starting baller slapping the hands of his 2nd and 3rd string teammates, I emerged on the trail to see that the rainbow had fully constructed itself and spanned from the Ocean into the distance marking my trail like an amp meter.  The rainbow light was so intense it  crashed into the sea in a waterfall of pinks, yellows and violets forceful enough to generate a second rainbow of its own.  I could see it was some androgynous god there, doing a Sunrise Yoga in  Setu Bhandasana, s/he so powerful that he was able to lift her right foot through storm and atmosphere to kick sparkling glittery dust from nearby stars with her toe.

  • 27 February 2101
  • 9:12 – 9:58am
  • 46:13
  • 4.16 miles
  • 11:07 avg. pace
  • 5.40 avg. speed
  • 87 feet climbed
  • 567 calories burned

Morning newscasters were over promoting the coming “wicked storm” so I geared up in layers in order to confront it at Ocean Beach.  Mount Tam and the Marin Headlands were dramatically black against darkening clouds heavy with moisture and bearing down against northerly gusts.  I was well protected from the wind and when I turned around at Sloat Avenue I was warmed up enough to strip off my shell and knit cap and stow them in my CamelBak.

Running with the wind at my back and having no resistance I dropped into a nice lope and worked on tempo and speed.  Some runners I follow on twitter are doing 8:49’s and 7:30’s and I’ve only reached those speeds working down hill.  I’m early in my training and speed will come. As it is, I’m just glad I got this run in after going out and partying with the guys from work and my neighbors down the street.

2nd Great Highway run complete I was struck by sand blowing over a puddle on the beach promenade so I stopped to make a 30 second video of it.  Considering the waves I walked down to the shore break and experimented with the 8 second video form.  Turning to walk back I was struck that someone had tagged the sea wall with graffiti stating “Gothic Dolphins!”  Of course I resemble that remark.  The tag looked like my hand writing as if I had spray painted it myself with an upside down exclamation point fronting “Gothic” and a KISS lightning bolt “S” in “Dolphins.”  Like a portent or a strong affirmation, Gothic Dolphins! told me I was in the right place at the right time doing the right thing in the right way.  It doesn’t mean I’ve completed anything, just that the work I’m doing has a purpose and it is an investment of time and effort.  I can’t be expected to make a full turnaround overnight after a lifetime of habit.  To make that change I have to realize and become what I visualize, just like those gangster dolphins coming out of the sea  to tag that seawall and leaving a sign for those who are on the dolphin trail.  Rock on!!!

  • 26 February 2010
  • 9:12 – 9:58am
  • 46:13
  • 4.16 miles
  • 11:07 avg. pace
  • 5.40 avg. speed
  • 87 ft. climbed
  • 567 calories burned
  • 160.8 lbs.

Completed 5 consecutive days of yoga for the second week.  Wasn’t sure I was going to make it to class this morning, but I woke up early enough to be on time for Sunrise Yoga.  Did party and network last night but was in bed just after 12.  I told myself that I would just let my body determine if I was going to make it.  It wanted to, and I realized it would take less effort to put on my yoga drag and go to class than try and go back to sleep.

Few new faces but more regular ones.  Felt stronger than I did in yesterday’s class and as I’m doing my poses realized I needed this today just for the running.  I’m trying to take it easier and give myself a chance to recover now that I upped the distance and frequency of my running.  I was also motivated that strength, flexibility and balance don’t just play out in a gym or on a trail but also figure in one’s mental state and the way one deals with others.  It takes practice, mindfulness, repetition ranging from dull to exciting with a lot of ho-hum in between.  Its called training.  When  a challenge comes my way, I say, “I do this everyday.  Why can’t I now?”

But there are other areas of my life that are out of control and I know I have the ability to change them but the thing is, I haven’t been trained to and I don’t know how to approach them.  I know how to wake up for yoga and trail running and go the time and distance for those but it is hard for me to give time and attention to the things in my life that need attending to. I’m hoping that my fitness routine will cross over and give me the confidence to tackle the things that are unpleasant, the things I avoid.  But at the same time I realize that all this working out is an avoidance strategy and keeps me tied up and occupied so I don’t have the time or am too exhausted to do the things that I really don’t want to do.  I’m out of control and confused, but I’m coming to the realization that existence is not as futile as I allow myself to believe.

5 minutes late for 7am yoga and never caught up during the session.  I took the easiest modifications but worked hard through those variations having difficulty finding or locking my Mula Bhanda but still grateful to make it to yoga after partying last night at the transvestite club, CHASER.

Was going to go to ChefJamesO’s for coffee and to see if I grabbed the wrong charger but there was a break in the rain and I was compelled to start a new 4 mile circuit on the rolling meridian of the Great Highway.  I texted him I couldn’t meet him and he texted ‘”ok.”  I had to do a spa and get my pits waxed.  Little crunchy still from partying but knew I’d be rolling once I got some coffee in me and put some Heavy Metal music in my ears.

Stopped at Java Beach on La Playa and Judah and had a perfect depth charge with steamed milk and a chocolate croissant to feed my chi.  Drove out and parked in front of the sea wall getting my gear hooked, strapped, clipped and adjusted to do my little run.

Legs felt heavy and burnt out, not much improvement from yoga and this was one of those days were it just wasn’t going to feel pretty.  I’ve said before that this is one of the most boring trail runs I do, but it isn’t really, its just mostly flat.  Still it was a chance to test my speed and I was shooting for a sub 10 minute mile pace and when I remembered to turn off RKFree at the end of the run I clocked in at 9:59 a mile.  Pretty pleased about that cos if I did that pace feeling a bit shitty, when I get better conditioned and quirk this regimen with ritual and more practice I’m already visualizing faster paces.

  • 24 February 2010
  • 9:38 – 10:19am
  • 41:11
  • 4.12 miles
  • 9:59 avg. pace
  • 6.01 avg. speed
  • 77 feet climbed
  • 531 calories burned
  • 159 pounds

Glad I have a regular morning practice because I’m going to need it today.  Yoga wakes one up and it is a meditation that strengthens the mind and body.  I’m thoroughly convinced that strength comes from conflict and growth comes from stressors.  Life experience throws these obstacles at an entity and the selection of those and the way we deal with them are a result of karma.  My feeling is that a stage of becoming conscious is being aware of our ability to change karma (positively or negatively is subjective and it is a matter of personal choice) and the awareness of our ability to change it invites challenges.  So be it.

Really liked the outfit I wore to Sunrise Yoga this morning.  I’ve been idealizing a white organic hemp short, but found I had a pair of white Local Motion board shorts that I bought at the Kapolei mall.  They  have a graphic of a sunrise on them which makes them more perfect than what I had imagined.  With a white wife beater and a light blue lava lava I felt like I brought the Hippie Harbin vibe mashed up with my Polynesian Metal to the Castro Gold’s.  I felt hot and sexy, my skin looking tan against the white and baby blue and no worries about my junk hanging out of my running short pantie liner.  Getting the outfit right improves my yoga practice, just like the right gear improves my trail running.  Totally confident in my new yoga drag and my yoga body yielding to a little more openness and a toned look.  Still need to work on flexibility and balance.  That will come.

Started in a seated kneeling position on a block with the tops of my feet on the floor behind me, something I learned in David Mayer’s Sunday class and I’ll make it my new opening theme cos I have a problem with my feet cramping up and this seems to release and restore them.  Happy to be back in a class that focuses on breath and Anita introduced the concept of the 3 locks and I found that engaging the Mula Bhanda or root lock tilted my pelvic floor up where I have a tendency to stick my butt out in various standing poses. I found my spine strong and aligned instead of it being  all weak and curvy and  putting to much stress on my lower back.  Gonna focus on this particular Bhanda until I come to a better understanding before trying to unite the other two.

  • 23 February 2010
  • 5:45 – 7am
  • 219 calories burned
  • 161.8 lbs

5 minutes late for my 7am yoga class because of all the noise being generated by my excess making it hard to get together a gym bag for a session of yoga followed by a trail run
.  Parked on Market and had to sit up in front of the class.  Finally settled and overcoming my embarassment I was happy to be back in the Castro Group X studio after a jarring and unfamiliar practice in the airplane hanger of a studio at Gold’s SOMA.  The Castro studio is smaller, more intimate and warmer.  Today’s practice with Ben Yokoyama proved that morning yoga in the Castro is a good thing.  I felt more open than usual, could focus on breathwork and saw that my skin was clear and tan from exposure to sun on the trail and the detoxifying asanas.

Stopped at ChefJamesO’s on 17th and Castro because I left the charger for the digital camera he gave me on Valentine’s Day at his flat.  Drove all the way up 17th to Stanyan, the crest of which I saw a trail marker for the Bay Area Ridge Trail.  I realized that San Francisco is all trails, even if I run on the street I’m still running some trail.  Down Fulton and almost started to drive to 32nd Avenue but realized that today I was finishing up my course at Battery Chamberlin.

It was sunny out and I was still in the running shorts I wore to yoga and put on a long sleeve technical t over the black wife beater I had on in class.  ChefJamesO warned me not to get in trouble in those shorts and warned me to be careful of all the mud on the trails.  I told him it was my sport and hadn’t thought of that but was eager to experience it.  It was still cool and I bopped around fixing my gear, grateful for my training gloves to protect my hands from the hives I get when my skin is exposed to cold moisture but regretting that I forgot my black wrap around Maui Jim sports glasses.  The gate at the parking lot to Battery Chamberlin was open, but the chain link fence that led to the switchback up to Lincoln Boulevard was locked, but fortunately someone had cut a hole in the fence which I peeled back and squeezed through to continue the run.  Up the hill I was feeling really strong and steady, reveling in my morning yoga practice as a good means to open me up.  Back to back runs and the soreness I was experiencing was working itself out.  Cruising all the way down to the Pier at Crissy Field and even passing some clumps of runners.

I allowed myself to slow down and walk up the stairs to Battery East.  The rest of the ascent up to the Bridge I was admittedly pretty gassed.  I really slowed it down and intimated to no one that I may be over training because I’m happy to get back.  I need to be really cautious with this next circuit of about 4.13 miles and not back to back the trail runs so much.  In fact I think my approach will be to do these series of 3 trail runs before moving on, but hang out in the 4 to sub 5 mile range until I’ve exhausted all of the trails I have already previously run at these distances.

  • 22 February 2010
  • 45:31
  • 3.69 miles
  • 12:21 avg. pace
  • 4.86 avg. speed
  • 549 feet climbed
  • 528 calories burned
  • 161.8 lbs.

Woke up and it was still dark but it felt like morning and checking my iPhone found it was already 6:17am.  Did some calculations and thought I might drive to the Bay Meadow’s Gold’s and do a 12 o’clock Tai Chi class, but I’m broke and my gas gauge is low and figured I’d only have enough in my tank to make it to the trail a couple of times, gymnasia and my volunteer gig at San Francisco Maritime.

Dicked around quite a bit having coffee and getting my gear together but didn’t even shower, so I don’t know how it took me so long to get to Baker Beach.  I arrived a bit before 8am and was happy to see the gate to Battery Chamberlain was open.  Thought to bring a SF Demons knit cap to protect my growing in shaved head and was grateful because of the morning’s steady drizzle didn’t want to get fucked up with a cold or be uncomfortable.

After a short stretch I stuck my iPhone in a Ziploc specimen bag I rummaged from the trunk that is intended to hold a urine sample I never bothered to get around to donating.  Didn’t want to get it wet.  Searching my iTunes library this morning, I had prepared a playlist I named GeoManTic including everything dark, black, metal, electronic.  My 2gen Shuffle clipped to the sternum strap of my CamelBak in its black silicon sleeve, turned on pumped some heavy music into my ear.  Spirits soar, I’m on trail, I’m good to go.

Course I’m working on now I call Battery Chamberlain to Battery East. This is a little extension on my beginning trail runs I started 3 years ago so I can target a 10% increase from the circuit I just completed at Land’s End.  The course at Land’s End is 3.45 miles and today’s run came in at 3.8 so it worked out perfectly.  Starting at Battery Chamberlain, I ran through it, up the switchback to the uphill trail portion behind the road barricade of Lincoln Boulevard.  Cut under the trees and run past the historic batteries, down Merchant Road and the tunnel under the Golden Gate Bridge toll booth.  Cross the parking lot at the Bridge continuing through to take a left down Long Avenue which takes you to the Warming Hut on Crissy Field.  Out and back on the fishing pier and up the steps to Battery East.  Through the tunnel at the historic earth works and out at the picnic area with the best view of the Bridge.  Up and under the Bridge then back on the Coastal trail running along the bluffs.  Back up the batteries cutting back to Lincoln Blvd staying on the trail side down to Battery Chamberlain and done.

Felt strong and light, but not much faster.  On the drive home heard a program on National Public Radio about Iyengar Yoga and it made me feel as if I made a good choice.  At home made some coffee and ate a yogurt with protein powder for a little fuel had a hot shower.  The 10:30am yoga class was taught by my high school buddy David Mayer and that was a surprise.  I instinctively gave him an embarrassing bro’ hug.  I appreciate instruction from different teachers, but the class wasn’t my flow.  No OHM, no chanting and no breathwork.  No new age or ringing the bell.  David may need more experience, but the benefit of attending that class is not only getting a good stretch after a trail run but also  I now know that I’m not missing much because his format doesn’t conform with my regular practice .  Next Sunday it is more of a go with the Tai Chi in San Mateo, and then I’ll like, go to the mall.

  • 21 February 2010
  • 7:53 – 8:43am
  • 46:19
  • 3.8 miles
  • 12:11 avg. pace
  • 4.93 avg. speed
  • 608 ft. climbed
  • 535 calories burned
  • 161 lbs.

Fell asleep on the couch again watching the Winter Olympics, my circadian rhythm tuned to a morning practice.  Hate that I’m missing so much of my favorite quadrennial sporting event, but yesterday after my massage I stopped at Comcast to lease a DVR so I won’t miss out on @JohnnyGWeir skating the Men’s Free for a gold medal.  Wake up texted @suzboop to get her intersection and see if she was awake, put on a black Adidas track suit over my black Adidas running tights and white wife beater and was out the door in my flip flops to get the Contour parked across the street in front of what is becoming a permanent encampment for a mated pair of vagabonds against the wall of City of Refuge United Church of Christ.

Picking up my new morning yoga partner to enjoy a shared practice is no problem at all because her flat is right on the way to the gym and dropping her off is on my way home.  I wanted to park in the underground parking structure because pulling out on Noe Street during morning rush hour traffic is dangerous.  Other drivers won’t let you in the stream of traffic.  We were in the Group X Studio  5 minutes early and set up our mats.

Today’s practice was a bit different and I felt like Anita had set up some poses and stretches just for runners.  It may have been a little easy for @suzboop because of her advanced level but it was still challenging to me.  I felt pretty strong and my partner’s presence made me work a little harder, like having a spotter in weight training.  I could check in on her form to help me in my poses without feeling like I’m checking out some dude in class, which I do, there being a new regular in capri pants and a bearish daddy in a tweet-shirt who is impressive for his consistent effort.

Class commencing and the lights still off the jocks from the 7am Body Pump class came charging in while our instructor, Anita checked in with @suzboop.  The Body Pump instructor put on some club jams and it was a powerful transition of energy coming out of the peaceful meditation of shavasana.  I thought it would be a good workout to brick Body Pump with Sunrise Yoga and suggested it to @suzboop.  She agreed to try it with me but had to wait outside the studio while I put on my warm up suit.  The music was just too much.

Retrieved the Contour out of the underground parking structure and talking about how much I loved parking in there I slammed into a steel and concrete barricade exchanging paint for paint.  From how tore up that post looks it appears that it is ran into more than occasionally.  From how tore up my Contour looks, pretty much the same.