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Sunday January 17th, baited and switched but Monday January 18th woke up with rain and storm.  I’m so eager to run and end the hiatus to pick up with my fitness schedule.   Harbin gave me a lost taste of my sport and revealed how much I loved it, yet also how unfit I had become in the downtime.  Still it did provide me with the impetus to get it going.  But knowing that I hadn’t developed that hard core to go out and complete a run in a maelstrom I thought I’d take advantage of those New Year’s Resolution, Get Your Ass to Our Gym mailers that had been occupying the mail along with the clutter on my kitchen table.  Gold’s had a nice offer, so I called and booked with a membership coordinator and drove down to do a treadmill workout.

I agonized over what to wear to the gym and I dealt with my anxieties over going by tweeting my trepidations.  However, when I got it all together I realized that I got the gear down.  Adidas head to toe and a Garmin Heart Rate monitor and digital wristwatch.  The University of Hawaii knapsack my mom’s currently estranged husband gave to me as a souvenir served as a convenient gym bag and besides what I described above I stowed a lock, a towel and flip-flops.  I arrived at Gold’s Gym SOMA a bit early before my 12:30 appointment with the membership coordinator and in meeting told him I was coming today to get out of the rain and to check out the facilities.  I identified myself as an endurance athlete specializing in sub ultra trail running and he came back at me as an off-road tri.  This made me feel good.  He gave me a very cursory orientation, which I appreciated and left me on my own to go to the lockers and get on with my workout.

Got my street clothes off and my gym clothes on and the replacement 2nd generation iPod shuffle with its black silicon sheath clipped to my Adidas SuperNova 1.5″ inseam shorts’ waistband with my Panasonic headphones plugged into my ears.  I select a tread in the second row so at least I can see a little ass in the front to motivate my running.  They have Monday mid-day network talk, CNN Haiti Disaster and cable food fare broadcasting on the overhead mounted monitors and I am a bit surprised that these programs are also displayed on my treadmill screen.  I punch in a randomized program at 25% difficulty along with my metrics and just hope for the best.  A bit of user fail with the controls but with Black Metal pumping I get in a more than satisfying workout.  I do 200 sit-ups using various furniture as an encore.

I make sure to say goodbye to the membership coordinator before I exit.  Decide to go to Trader Joe’s because I’m obsessed with making Risotto, however I duck into a Designer Furniture Warehouse and end up scoring a BVLGARI bistro table in white laminate with chrome legs that are arched in just the way that a war drone’s legs from a Neal Asher novel would be articulated.  However, this table put my finance in the red and even though now I couldn’t afford to eat off of it, it was so worth the scram.

  • 53:00
  • 5.6 miles
  • 9:28 avg. pace
  • 656 calories burned


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  1. I need to see a picture of that table.

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