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I woke up early in the morning on Tuesday, January 19th to do a 5:45 am Sun-Rise Yoga class at the Gold’s in the Castro.  I don’t know where I found the motivation to get up that early, but I was stoked to go.  Agonized over what to wear to a clothed yoga class and settled on my Adidas running shorts and a faded gold Hawaii tank top.  Drove out to the Castro in the morning, it was coming down rain and still dark at 5:30 am.  Was able to grab parking in the garage underneath the gym as it was so early there was plenty of spots left.  I was wearing what I wore to my first visit to the gym the day before: tight Levi’s jeans tucked into my Coach boots, an elastic pink glitter disco belt, a tie dyed t’shirt and my white nylon Nike Beijing Olympics warm up hoodie.  I flashed my gym card and the attendant asked to take my picture.  I must have given her a good pose because she commented that she liked my smile.

Into the locker room, very clean and kind of empty this early, I put on my yoga gear with flip flops and took myself and my own mat up to the 2nd floor group fit room.

A smattering of 7 or 8 people in the studio, regulars I assume.  I picked a spot towards the front but on the right.  Laid out my mat and went to get props and arranged myself  on a provided Mexican blanket in a seated meditative pose.  The instructor came in and identified herself as Anita.  Noticing her  new student she checked in with me to determine my level.  I’m a comfortable intermediate level yogi and I informed her that I usually practice a Hatha Flow and sometimes Anussura.  She let me know that I would be just fine and then the yogini began the class’ practice.

We began by chanting “Om,” and I found my Heavy Metal Om deep inside and shared it in the class, then she focused on our breathing and went into a yoga routine that was formatted identically to what I do in Men’s Naked Yoga particularly in Darren Main’s and Ken Breniman’s classes.

So I was really impressed that I found a practice that was in the same school as mine, sure there were variations but it started and ended the same way.  It did feel uncomfortable to practice in clothing and I noticed one regular who was practicing only in gym shorts, no shirt.  I would have loved to have taken mine off cos even though it was a tank, it was strangling me at times.  Laid out in Sivasana, Anita came over and tugged down my shorts.  Oops!  I guess a 1.5″ inseam is just a little too too short for yoga.

I had to tell Anita how much I enjoyed her class and how it is so similar to my regular practice.  I also asked if she knew Darren Main wondering if they were taught by the same guru and avoided dropping the Naked Yoga bead.  As it turned out, she knew him and they take a 9 am class together.  I was so stoked that I found another practice that I could do in the middle of the week, and I actually like the 5:45 am time because, really, that’s when I should be getting up to hit the trails.

Went home and managed a small nap before waking up to commence my morning routine.  Found I had an e’mail from yesterday’s membership coordinator offering a “Today Only Special” of $29.95 a month with a year’s commitment.  I called up and spoke with his associate to get the deal, making sure that my membership would begin after my week pass expired.  This was a good move, as I had to put up first and last month’s fees but because of the billing cycle won’t start the automatic billing until 5 March 2009 instead of 5 February.  A good thing because I was still broke from that BVLGARI table and my outstanding checks were afloat.


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