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So I’m feeling really good at my new gym, feeling good about getting with a new program and am looking forward to doing another yoga class, making it four consecutive days of yoga classes.  Anita wasn’t teaching in the Castro, but they did have a yoga class at 8am.  I got up early on the Wednesday morning 20 January, stoked arrived at 7:45 and went up to the group fit room in my yoga clothes, but the class was already in session.  The instructor caught my eye and could read my confusion so he came up to me to inform me that class was almost over and that it started at 7.  I don’t know how I got that mixed up, but it was early when I read the schedule so its easy to see how I made that mistake.

Fortunately I had checked both gym class schedules and knew that I could make it to the 8:30 yoga class at Gold’s SOMA.  I retrieved my car from the downstairs parking structure and headed South of Market.

It was still pouring rain, in the midst of our ferocious storm.  I had to circle, but found a parking spot in front of a mobile vagabond encampment underneath the overpass at Division while rainwater splashed down in ripping torrents from the flooded freeway above.  My compact umbrella, more of a gesture than adequate protection, I raised over my head and went to retrieve my yoga mat and canteen from the trunk of the Contour.  Going into the gym I was confronted by a tall guy, “Hey, did you go to Galileo?”

“No, I went to Washington.”

“What’s your name?”  I told him my full name and that I was class of ’86.

“Oh!  I remember you!” I vaguely remembered him, he did look familiar.  He continued, “I’m David Mayer…”  I honestly don’t remember much about high school.  Well, not the sober parts, I mostly remember the drunken bits.

“I’m going to have to look you up in my yearbook.  What year did you graduate?”

“Oh, I’m not in the yearbook.  I was too stoned that day to take a picture.  I would have graduated in ’85 but they held me back so I transferred to Gal and graduated in ’86.”  This confession revealed that he was definitely in my crowd and maybe there were some interactions in high school that I was just too stoned to remember.
“Well, I never graduated,”  I admitted. I chatted to him a bit about how I just signed up and excused myself to make my yoga class promising I’d see him around in the gym.

The 8:30 am yoga class was taught by a lanky male instructor.  I found a spot in the front of the room and arranged myself on my mat.  I had to cushion my ass cos I was feeling a little pain there which I mostly disregarded ascribing that uncomfort to too much working out.  Class was good, room a little cold, but I got through it noticing that I am really weak in my upperbody.  Never asked to Om even once, realized this must be a Christian practice, however the instructor did give us a Namaste at the end, so maybe I was wrong.

Yoga class over, ran on the treadmill for 45 minutes, ass feeling strange, but not weird enough to stop me from completing my workout.

  • 20 January 2010
  • 9:55 – 10:45 am
  • 50:00 min
  • 5 miles
  • 10:00 avg. pace
  • 589 calories burned


  1. Hello!!! Wow!! You really have a busy schedule there!! And it is specially that weird ass feeling why i do not take yoga classes. Whats up with the picture of that building there?!

    Keep up the good job



      • polynesian69
      • Posted Monday 8 February 2010 at 7:16 pm
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      That is the ruin behind my flat. When it rains it becomes a five story waterfall. I usually take a photo and post them with a blog entry when I do a trail run, but there really isn’t much to take pictures of (and it’d be rude) if I took pictures inside the gym. The thumbnails serve to give an indication of the meteorological circumstances at the time I did these runs, hence, it was raining, was spending alot of time indoors, there is a waterfall out my back window.
      Thanks for stopping by, btw, the weird ass feeling gets worse, just trying to prepare myself to write about it. Yoga is good for runners.

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