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I took my gym bag with me to a stay over at my bbgff’s house last night.  She had surgery on a herniated cervical disk, in her neck, and had to line up some boys to take care of her and make sure she was taking care of herself.  It was nice, she made some fried chicken and I brought over some collard greens and 2 bottles of wine.  She was a little drugged up on Percoset and I had to get her to put on her neck brace, relax and not reach for stuff high up on shelves or try to lift heavy objects, like the Alhambra bottle.  She’s really self sufficient, but I didn’t want her sutures to burst from strain.

We ate our dinner in her bed and watched Pop Star on Ice, a documentary on the lovably flamboyant American figure skating Olympian, Johnny Weir.  Connie has a crush on him, which she’ll deny.  But really she identifies with him as do I.  In my trail running, I’m not at the Olympic level (not even the Gay Olympic level) but I appreciated the doc for how it illustrated how hard Weir trains.  Let me tell you, it was a motivating factor for me to get on with the training and put limits on the bullshit and craziness.

I slept on the couch and Connie made me coffee in the morning.  Vigil over, she’s now cleared to recover on her own.  She needed to have care lined up so she wouldn’t have to stay at the hospital.  So I was debating whether or not I should go home and do a trail run back on Baker Beach, but decided I should just go to the Castro Gold’s right up the street from her flat as I brought my gym bag anyway.

Busy there during the lunch time.  Ran into Mark in the locker room as I was trying to figure out how to stow my iPhone in my little running short pocket and figured it was an exercise in futility so I put it in my Adidas windbreaker which I ended up stuffing, iPhone and all, into a cupholder on the treadmill.  I was listening to Tennessee Loveless’ Beautiful Noise Broadcast of Robo Disco 3000.  It had a perfect tempo and was funky and upbeat enough to keep me pumped.  I wore my black wraparound sunglasses in the gym on the treadmill and was glad I did because it kept me focused and less distracted.  Also my eye is responding to some allergies, spending the night at Connie’s and being allergic to cats was another, but the Benadryl she gave me really helped.  In all I ran 50 minutes and cooled down for 5, warmed down with some stretches in the group fit room and left to take the streetcar back home South of Market.

I had a date scheduled later on that night.  Just coffee with a guy on facebook that I play Mafia Wars with.  I meant to call him on the train, but got distracted uploading my manually entered RunKeeper data and eavesdropping on two cute young hippie skanks.  What got me was when the ethnic one asked the haole boy with the guitar how long he had been in college and the haole boy said, “about 18 months…”  Classic!  Then they talked about foodstamps and how they didn’t really need them and then the one with the guitar offered me some Jack Daniels mixed with Dr. Pepper in a 2 liter soda bottle.  He was really insistent, but I had to pleasantly decline.  He probably wanted to get me fucked up and have a 3 way with me and then steal my shit.  I know how street trade operates.

So I get home and call my date and he was sick with asthma and was just about to call me to tell me he couldn’t make it out tonight.  Yah, right.  Guys these days; all they want to do is tweet but then they never want to meet.

  • 10 February 2010
  • 55 minutes
  • 4.45 miles
  • 12:22 avg. pace
  • 486 calories burned

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