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Up after 4:30 in the morning to make it to Sunrise Yoga at 5:45 and planned to do a trail run on the beach immediately after.  I did make it to bed after 11 but still had trouble sleeping, I woke up intermittently with crazy runny nose, totally snotting up my pillowcase.  I don’t know what is going on with these allergies I’ve been experiencing.  Word on the street is the Acacia is blooming.  I didn’t know I was sensitive to that.  However, I made my coffee, passed on a shower put my running/yoga clothes on under my black Adidas warm up suit, and was out the door with the rest of my coffee, gym bag and CamelBak.

There were just a few spots left in the underground parking structure and I was fortunate to get one.  Recognized the wee hour yoga regulars getting out of their cars with their own mats, the guy with the handle bar moustache that sits in the far corner from me in the studio was wearing really cute bootie running shorts and I liked that.  I grabbed my mat and went to check in, routine, strip down to black running tights and a tight black t’shirt that was bar schwag I got at the Russian River Parade of Lights.  

Grabbed a Mexican blanket and a wooden block and laid down my black yoga mat as close to my usual spot as I could.  Handlebar moustache and booty shorts in his usual spot across the room.  Regular group of regulars but topless guy hadn’t come in yet.  Yogini Anita came in to check with me, saying I was a morning person she hadn’t seen me in awhile.  I told her how I was planning on doing a beach run after class and  that I’d been up to Harbin and skipped over any mention of injuries.  She asked me if I was training for marathons, but I told her no, I’m just specializing in 15-20 kilometer trail runs.  

Class went really well.  I dedicated the morning’s practice to Dolphin, Mountain Lion and Coyote. I was getting some acid reflux and indegistion from my morning coffee and in some poses brought up internal conflict.  I notice I have tight hips, hammies and shoulders.  Even so I’m not so much of a mess.  Little bit of a gut hanging on downward dog, but more mileage should help to take care of my belly.  Now the sun is actually rising by the time class is over.  

Retrieved my car from the underground structure and drove it out to Baker Beach.  It was a nice mild overcast day, cool and still early in the morning.  Parked, got out of the car and was loving the view.  Across the strait Tamalpais raised its lofty summit above the incoming fog wending its way through the  coastal headlands.  I got out to take some pictures of it and the drivers side window of a silver Nissan Maxima rolled down and the driver called out to me, accented in Russian, “Its beautiful, isn’t it?  Its snowing in DC and look at this!”  Really, couldnt think of any place else I’d rather be.  Got my CamelBak on and loaded up a Beautiful Noise Broadcast of Electrolust.FM.

As soon as I hit the sand I realized that I should have worn my old Adidas running shoes, but as I sank into the wet soft sand at high tide I was glad for my new seamless trail shoes.  Realized that the run would be pretty slow because I was sinking pretty deep in it, but it was nice anyway.  Fishermen were lined up with their poles using frozen squid for bait and I got hounded by a Newfoundland and then licked by a gangly Wolfhound puppy.  Short run, of just 2.66 miles, but I am so happy to be back on the trail.

  • 11 February 2010
  • 7:30 – 8:06 am
  • 35:17
  • 2.66 miles
  • 13.17 avg. pace
  • 144 feet climbed
  • 315 calories burned
  • 162.6 lbs



  1. nice. i am tempted to run on the sand barefoot over there. have you tried it?

      • polynesian69
      • Posted Thursday 11 February 2010 at 11:47 pm
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      Oh yes, I’ve run barefoot at Bakers but never with the full commitment of a work out. I think that barefoot running as a trend has something to it, but I’m from a culture that grows up shod whereas performers who place in races barefoot grow up in cultures without shoes; ie Amerindians and Kenyans. I don’t think to start running barefoot now would do anything to improve my overall performance, but there are some tasty trails where lava and boulders wouldn’t be so much of an impediment. Like the beach, like the Phleger Estate. I’d say go for it! Thanks for stopping by!!!

  2. Love reading this site, always learn something interesting stuff.
    Emily R. from Husky Guide

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