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Wee hour yoga has me waking up automatically around 4 in the morning and rather than sleep it off thought I would finish up the circuit of trail runs on the Baker Beach course.  Wasn’t likely to fall back asleep because I awoke alert, didn’t have any coffee left in the flat but took a shower and tweeted a bit before heading out.  

When I went to my Contour it was dark.  An insistent drizzle was coming down, not strong just persistent.  I got in the car and thought about it for a second realizing that this drizzle would become quite annoying on the beach.  I ran back upstairs to get a lock in case I begged off and went to the gym and my Beijing Olympic Nike white nylon hoodie to try to stay dry if I were to run in the rain.

Had to stop at Starbucks and they made my coffee perfectly.  I was still trying to decide if I was going to the gym or the beach.  I started to drive up to the Castro sipping on my coffee and listening to the KPOO dj spinning some club house jams.  My coffee was to good to let sit cold in the car while I ran on a treadmill upstairs.  Trail runners run in weather. This is what we do.  I drove past the gym and headed to Baker.

Crossing Divis and Oak, I saw a runner,  iPod in hand and earbuds embedded in his head wearing tights and a long sleeved technical T on his way to do his course down the Panhandle in spite of the rain.  Seeing him got me excited to go down to the beach.  I’m sipping on my coffee and its still piping hot and the club jams keep pumping and pumping out of my radio.

Driving down Fulton its dark and the reflected glare of the streetlights off of the drenched pavement is blinding so I’m navigating on instinct seeing the best I can through the windshield having only one wiper on the driver’s side.  I get to the beach and am pleased that the gate is open cos I feared the beach would be closed.  There are no vehicles in the parking lot and its a little spooky like a horror movie.  I pull into a parking spot fronting the beach turn off the enging but leave the music playing.

I get out of the car and the drizzle is still coming down drenching and swirling around me.  There is no wind at all, the drizzle spirals to the ground in its own fractal pattern of water molecules attracting and repelling each other and vectoring from the heat generated by me and my car.  Trying to avoid getting my iPhone I go down and take pictures of the crashing waves, but it is still so dark at 5:30 in the morning my camera is registering no images.

The waves are crashing, not rolling in smoothly like they were yesterday but colliding violently against surf and sand like the day before.   The tide line was high and it appeared that there was very little beach to run on.  I remembered how challenging it was to run in the soft sand at high tide yesterday and was aware of tomorrow’s surf advisory.  Those waves looked just plain hungry and out of  respect to Nature I dared not provoke her.  There was a high possibility of being swept to sea by a nocturnal sleeper and I have nothing to prove so decided it wasn’t worth the risk.

But I was glad I went out there.  I finished my steaming coffee in and out of the confines of the Contour with the club music blasting out of my car door speakers.  Tossed the cup into the raccoon proof receptacle and drove down Geary Street, the green lights putting out streaked reflections that stretched down that Richmond boulevard.

Pulled into the underground parking structure glad to find plenty of spots and in no rush pointed my car’s nose out towards the street in the parking place directly in front of the entry.  Grabbed my CamelBak, a towel, and my canteen…my lock, iPhone and earbuds stuffed into my black Adidas warm up jacket.  Saw the friendly face of the early morning receptionist and she totally recognizes me now, having photographed me twice.  Was just putting my gear into my locker when I realized that I forgot my black wraparaound sunglasses in the glove compartment in the car and had to retrieve them.  Black glasses in the gym on the treadmill are a must for me.

I took my CamelBak cos I thought to stow my iPhone in it even though I knew it would look dorky, but stretching out in the warm up room I found that it would fit in the back pocket of my tights.  I did some modified intuitive pilates and instant yoga using the bar and upon the floor then after stowing my CamelBak in my locker, went upstairs and found a treadmill in the back row.  Entered my random program and got started realizing that my phone in my backpocket was gonna drag my tights down and show my ass so I stuck my iPhone in the cupholder wedged down and secured by stuffing it with my towel.

The jam I worked out to was Tennessee Loveless’ Beautiful Noise Broadcast of  Smash! Robot! Smash! –an extended mix of electro and mashups.  Was happy to feel that the music sounded just as glitchy as I felt and was perfect for today.  Was happy to make it through the workout and even threw in a little speed work intervals at the end.  I started my tread run in the dark and finished it with the sun coming up obscured by the overcast day while the persistent drizzle fell unflagged.

  • 12 February 2010
  • 55:00 
  • 4.35 miles
  • 12:39 avg. pace
  • 462 calories burned

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