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7am Morning Yoga workout complete it was time to stack on a brick of trail running so I went to the gymnasium’s underground parking structure to retrieve my Contour and drive it out to Lands End.  Inner city blanketed in fog, Sea Cliff even more dense.  No wind to disperse it as I get out to engage my electronics and equip my hydration unit.  Gearing up I find that a wrist band is a good accompaniment to my fingerless reinforced structured training gloves as the soft terry protecting my wrist provides a cushion to the trainer’s nylon and velcro strap.  Wish I had brought 2.  Already nicely warmed up and stretched from my yoga practice I bounce and explore my embodiment in estimation of how it will respond to the trail.

This course begins at Eagle’s Point and loops back from Sutro Heights Park.  The view from atop its lush cliffs is not only stunning but also inspiring.  Monterey Pines towering and disappearing into enveloping fog give an ethereal, mystical ambience to the trail as complement to the relentless pounding of the waves against the cluttered boulders at the base of the cliffs and over submerged shipwrecks washed up amongst them.

Trying to find my legs under me as they carried me under the dripping canopy I judged the two of them reliable yet sluggish from the lactic acid build up of this morning’s poses.  Noticed trail improvements in the form of stone stairs cut into an eroding overpass and the National Park Service’s posted sign exulting its use of “Recovery Dollars At Work.”  Damp, but not overly muddy, I know this trail well and was happy to get reacquainted.  A dip and then a short climb that takes one up to the parking lot where the USS San Francisco Memorial is enshrined.

Emerging to Point Lobos Avenue and crossing the street to Sutro Height Park where two stone lions guard its entrance and appropriately having a smash up of “Eye of the Tiger” and “Say My Name” being pumped into my ears I pass a family photographing itself in a Victorian gazebo.  Run up the stone blocks to  the ruin of Adolf Sutro’s estate, the remains of which look like a razed tower overlooking the Cliff House and the expanse of Ocean Beach to the south.  Then its down a narrow set of aborted spiraling stone steps to loop through the grounds and back to Lands End.

I take a different return to Eagle’s Point, this one lower along the cliffs where new overlooks have been situated with stone benches and borders set with iron fittings to discourage skateboard shredding.  I also noted where the native re-plantings have taken hold and how the view is truly improved by the thinning of the ancient Monterey Pines.  A trail marker announces that I only have just a mile and a third to go to Eagle’s Point and I’m thinking in 15 minutes I’ll be done.  Pass alot of holiday morning hikers on the way back.  Over the steep old stairs to the downhill of the newly installed steps and its just a short jaunt back to the Point and I’m wrapping it up just as the podcast is on its last track.

  • 15 February 2010
  • 9:06 – 9:47am
  • 41:00
  • 3.4 miles
  • 12:03 avg. pace
  • 4.98 avg. speed
  • 518 feet climbed
  • 460 calories burned



  1. I ran out there today too. It was so foggy that I couldn’t see Seal Rocks!

      • polynesian69
      • Posted Monday 15 February 2010 at 10:36 pm
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      When I came around to Sutro Heights Park it was all sunny at the Cliff House and down Ocean Beach, then driving up Geary to the South of Market it was nice all day down here. Heard more of the same tomorrow, but possibly warmer. Nice run yeah?

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