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Storms have finally blown over and I was eager to start the trail component of my new training regimen 2010.  Had a huge gap in the middle of my day at work so I was able to drive out and do a trail run at Baker Beach.  This is the beach where I started trail running and started talking to the dolphins and I ran the same distance I did  then: 4 and a half lengths up and down its expanse.  It was sunny but windy and clear with foam whipped ashore from frothing whitecaps to pile up in sudsy drifts breaking off to blow and scatter down the beach.  Running against that gale was tough but running with it it gave me a  boost.

Still it was difficult to get back on the trail and work against sand, tide and wind but that is what trail runners do.  Weather and course are the elements which make this sport so attractive to me and taking control over the body and subjecting mine to these elements is as much an emotional and mental challenge as it is one of physicality and endurance.  I was spoiling myself a little bit by running on the treadmill in the gym, but it made no sense for me to come back from my hiatus and get sick in the rain trying to prove something to no one.  The treadmill work will serve a purpose in training and I’m glad I have it as a tool to make me a better athlete.

The good thing about a fresh start in a training program is that the initial runs are short, but its sad realizing how out of shape I’ve become.  I’ve had long breaks before, but I learn from them.  I return with more experience and hundreds of miles logged.  I’ve got to remember to use my head more than my legs and pursue this sport intelligently.  I want to be competitive.

The 2010 training program is simply this.  3 consecutive runs on a previously run course as close together as possible then move to 3 consecutive runs on a slightly longer course being mindful to alternate hills and flats as the terrain allows.  Morning Yoga 4 days a week and Naked Yoga for Men on Sunday nights or during the week if my schedule allows.  I need to incorporate a weight training component, but I got my hands full for now and I’ll use the treadmill for endurance building and speed work.

  • 9 February 2010
  • 2:12 – 2:45pm
  • 33:23
  • 2.66 miles
  • 12:33 avg. pace
  • 4.78 avg. speed
  • 104 feet climbed
  • 325 calories burned


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