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I fell asleep during the finals of the pairs figure skating event in the 2010 Winter Olympics last night which is good because my body is getting used to going to bed before 12 so I can wake up to do early morning yoga.  Still, falling asleep on the couch indicates depression and is not the best body position to rest in.  I was also woken up about 3 in the morning by a couple camped out on the sidewalk in front of the church across the street.  The woman was talking loud, being verbally clingy to her mate and he had to slap her to get her to shut up.  I was glad he did, she didn’t understand why but if she kept it up a neighbor was bound to call the cops to evict them from their campsite.  In hushed monotones he got her to settle down and gave her something to smoke.  Most likely just a cigarette by the way that it burned.  She shut up and they finally got to sleep.  I did too

But I was awake again just an hour later and forced myself back to sleep having a dream where I lost my hotel room card in the snow and ordered a rushed breakfast to eat in the car while I was being driven to a psychic reading up on a South East Asian Mountain. By the time I arrived at the valet the hired car had already taken its passengers to that destination. I tried to console myself by telling my travel companions that I probably wasn’t ready to hear what the mystic had to say and it was a good thing I missed my appointment.

I made a soy protein powder, banana, vanilla yogurt and rice milk smoothie because I found my morning coffee gives me indigestion during inversions.  Quick shower and put on flip flops and an unmatched black Adidas warm up suit over my Nike Running Shorts, tank top and an old USA Team Torino Olympics tshirt that I should probably replace with one from Vancouver. Check in at the gym, strip off warm ups and up to the Group X with my own yoga mat.

I am really feeling good about Sunrise Yoga.  It is challenging to wake up so early and also do yoga back to back 4 days a week, but yoga instructors do, yogis do.  I guess I feel like I’m not very strong, balanced or flexible, but what am I trying to prove?  These attributes will improve with time and practice and will help me with my running.  Anita actually included poses for runners one being a hamstring stretch where you grab the bottom of the foot and extend the leg like a figure skater grabbing the blade.  I really didn’t think I was going to make it through class but I did.  A sign on the door of the gym says “Making it here is half the battle.”  Its true. Anita was very encouraging and impressed that her class gets up so early in the morning to practice.  That was all I had to do for the day, will brick yoga and the Lands End trail run tomorrow morning.


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