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I fell asleep on the couch last night watching the Winter Olympics.  I didn’t even make it to see Johnny Weir skate.  Disappointed, I hope to catch it later On Demand.  Woke up in the morning and  it was still dark but when I checked the time on my iPhone saw it was 6:17am and I had to hustle to be on time for 7am Yoga.

Had a yoga partner today, so I called @suzboop to see if she was up and gonna make it.  She was already getting dressed.  I hastily threw together a gym bag, realized I couldn’t find my canteen and lock and thought I had it together to go directly to the Lands End trail.  Too much early morning noise from the clutter in my messy flat made it really confusing to throw it together.  I need to amend that situation.

I met @suzboop in front of Jumpin’ Java on Noe and Henry and took her to the class.  Got her signed in at the front desk with a little hassle but minimal delay because she had to file liability forms.  Went up to class and arrived early enough to finish the cappuccino she bought for me and was pleased to note some regulars from Sunrise Yoga and a few from the intense 9 Sunday.

Instructor Ben began by touching again on pranayama then continued with a well organized smooth flowing program.  I was experiencing back pain yesterday and some soreness, but today’s practice worked it out.  I actually felt more centered and stable with @suzboop in class with me.  As it turned out she enjoyed the morning class and is going to do Sunrise with me tomorrow.  When we checked out, Tommie the membership director at the Castro Gold’s gave her a pass for a week so she can get a feel for the gym before joining.  A regular yoga class costs about $15 each, but a gym membership is about $35 for a month so with the great instructors the cost to benefit analysis is way in the benefits column.  We went back to my car and I looked in my gym bag remembering that I forgot socks so I had to go back home before trail.  On the drive to her flat, @suzboop was comparing the gym practice to her regular practice  observing how the mirrors in the studio were distracting.  I told her to take a Women’s Naked Yoga class to help her focus on her own practice.  She surprised my by saying that she ought to try it at least once!



  1. Just because I said I ought to try it just once doesn’t mean that I will! I may chicken out, and if I did try it, I would be terrified to see someone I knew there, god forbid a colleague! I’m fine with clothed yoga for now. I like my yoga duds. Thanks for sharing your practice with me! Mahalos and Shakas. xox

      • polynesian69
      • Posted Wednesday 17 February 2010 at 1:18 pm
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      Everybody should try everything once, as long as it ain’t hurting nobody!

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