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Fell asleep on the couch again watching the Winter Olympics, my circadian rhythm tuned to a morning practice.  Hate that I’m missing so much of my favorite quadrennial sporting event, but yesterday after my massage I stopped at Comcast to lease a DVR so I won’t miss out on @JohnnyGWeir skating the Men’s Free for a gold medal.  Wake up texted @suzboop to get her intersection and see if she was awake, put on a black Adidas track suit over my black Adidas running tights and white wife beater and was out the door in my flip flops to get the Contour parked across the street in front of what is becoming a permanent encampment for a mated pair of vagabonds against the wall of City of Refuge United Church of Christ.

Picking up my new morning yoga partner to enjoy a shared practice is no problem at all because her flat is right on the way to the gym and dropping her off is on my way home.  I wanted to park in the underground parking structure because pulling out on Noe Street during morning rush hour traffic is dangerous.  Other drivers won’t let you in the stream of traffic.  We were in the Group X Studio  5 minutes early and set up our mats.

Today’s practice was a bit different and I felt like Anita had set up some poses and stretches just for runners.  It may have been a little easy for @suzboop because of her advanced level but it was still challenging to me.  I felt pretty strong and my partner’s presence made me work a little harder, like having a spotter in weight training.  I could check in on her form to help me in my poses without feeling like I’m checking out some dude in class, which I do, there being a new regular in capri pants and a bearish daddy in a tweet-shirt who is impressive for his consistent effort.

Class commencing and the lights still off the jocks from the 7am Body Pump class came charging in while our instructor, Anita checked in with @suzboop.  The Body Pump instructor put on some club jams and it was a powerful transition of energy coming out of the peaceful meditation of shavasana.  I thought it would be a good workout to brick Body Pump with Sunrise Yoga and suggested it to @suzboop.  She agreed to try it with me but had to wait outside the studio while I put on my warm up suit.  The music was just too much.

Retrieved the Contour out of the underground parking structure and talking about how much I loved parking in there I slammed into a steel and concrete barricade exchanging paint for paint.  From how tore up that post looks it appears that it is ran into more than occasionally.  From how tore up my Contour looks, pretty much the same.


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  1. I loves “encampment for a mated pair of vagabonds”. Thanks for my new morning smile-fest, you, yoga and the follow up blog recap.

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