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Woke up and it was still dark but it felt like morning and checking my iPhone found it was already 6:17am.  Did some calculations and thought I might drive to the Bay Meadow’s Gold’s and do a 12 o’clock Tai Chi class, but I’m broke and my gas gauge is low and figured I’d only have enough in my tank to make it to the trail a couple of times, gymnasia and my volunteer gig at San Francisco Maritime.

Dicked around quite a bit having coffee and getting my gear together but didn’t even shower, so I don’t know how it took me so long to get to Baker Beach.  I arrived a bit before 8am and was happy to see the gate to Battery Chamberlain was open.  Thought to bring a SF Demons knit cap to protect my growing in shaved head and was grateful because of the morning’s steady drizzle didn’t want to get fucked up with a cold or be uncomfortable.

After a short stretch I stuck my iPhone in a Ziploc specimen bag I rummaged from the trunk that is intended to hold a urine sample I never bothered to get around to donating.  Didn’t want to get it wet.  Searching my iTunes library this morning, I had prepared a playlist I named GeoManTic including everything dark, black, metal, electronic.  My 2gen Shuffle clipped to the sternum strap of my CamelBak in its black silicon sleeve, turned on pumped some heavy music into my ear.  Spirits soar, I’m on trail, I’m good to go.

Course I’m working on now I call Battery Chamberlain to Battery East. This is a little extension on my beginning trail runs I started 3 years ago so I can target a 10% increase from the circuit I just completed at Land’s End.  The course at Land’s End is 3.45 miles and today’s run came in at 3.8 so it worked out perfectly.  Starting at Battery Chamberlain, I ran through it, up the switchback to the uphill trail portion behind the road barricade of Lincoln Boulevard.  Cut under the trees and run past the historic batteries, down Merchant Road and the tunnel under the Golden Gate Bridge toll booth.  Cross the parking lot at the Bridge continuing through to take a left down Long Avenue which takes you to the Warming Hut on Crissy Field.  Out and back on the fishing pier and up the steps to Battery East.  Through the tunnel at the historic earth works and out at the picnic area with the best view of the Bridge.  Up and under the Bridge then back on the Coastal trail running along the bluffs.  Back up the batteries cutting back to Lincoln Blvd staying on the trail side down to Battery Chamberlain and done.

Felt strong and light, but not much faster.  On the drive home heard a program on National Public Radio about Iyengar Yoga and it made me feel as if I made a good choice.  At home made some coffee and ate a yogurt with protein powder for a little fuel had a hot shower.  The 10:30am yoga class was taught by my high school buddy David Mayer and that was a surprise.  I instinctively gave him an embarrassing bro’ hug.  I appreciate instruction from different teachers, but the class wasn’t my flow.  No OHM, no chanting and no breathwork.  No new age or ringing the bell.  David may need more experience, but the benefit of attending that class is not only getting a good stretch after a trail run but also  I now know that I’m not missing much because his format doesn’t conform with my regular practice .  Next Sunday it is more of a go with the Tai Chi in San Mateo, and then I’ll like, go to the mall.

  • 21 February 2010
  • 7:53 – 8:43am
  • 46:19
  • 3.8 miles
  • 12:11 avg. pace
  • 4.93 avg. speed
  • 608 ft. climbed
  • 535 calories burned
  • 161 lbs.


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