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5 minutes late for my 7am yoga class because of all the noise being generated by my excess making it hard to get together a gym bag for a session of yoga followed by a trail run
.  Parked on Market and had to sit up in front of the class.  Finally settled and overcoming my embarassment I was happy to be back in the Castro Group X studio after a jarring and unfamiliar practice in the airplane hanger of a studio at Gold’s SOMA.  The Castro studio is smaller, more intimate and warmer.  Today’s practice with Ben Yokoyama proved that morning yoga in the Castro is a good thing.  I felt more open than usual, could focus on breathwork and saw that my skin was clear and tan from exposure to sun on the trail and the detoxifying asanas.

Stopped at ChefJamesO’s on 17th and Castro because I left the charger for the digital camera he gave me on Valentine’s Day at his flat.  Drove all the way up 17th to Stanyan, the crest of which I saw a trail marker for the Bay Area Ridge Trail.  I realized that San Francisco is all trails, even if I run on the street I’m still running some trail.  Down Fulton and almost started to drive to 32nd Avenue but realized that today I was finishing up my course at Battery Chamberlin.

It was sunny out and I was still in the running shorts I wore to yoga and put on a long sleeve technical t over the black wife beater I had on in class.  ChefJamesO warned me not to get in trouble in those shorts and warned me to be careful of all the mud on the trails.  I told him it was my sport and hadn’t thought of that but was eager to experience it.  It was still cool and I bopped around fixing my gear, grateful for my training gloves to protect my hands from the hives I get when my skin is exposed to cold moisture but regretting that I forgot my black wrap around Maui Jim sports glasses.  The gate at the parking lot to Battery Chamberlin was open, but the chain link fence that led to the switchback up to Lincoln Boulevard was locked, but fortunately someone had cut a hole in the fence which I peeled back and squeezed through to continue the run.  Up the hill I was feeling really strong and steady, reveling in my morning yoga practice as a good means to open me up.  Back to back runs and the soreness I was experiencing was working itself out.  Cruising all the way down to the Pier at Crissy Field and even passing some clumps of runners.

I allowed myself to slow down and walk up the stairs to Battery East.  The rest of the ascent up to the Bridge I was admittedly pretty gassed.  I really slowed it down and intimated to no one that I may be over training because I’m happy to get back.  I need to be really cautious with this next circuit of about 4.13 miles and not back to back the trail runs so much.  In fact I think my approach will be to do these series of 3 trail runs before moving on, but hang out in the 4 to sub 5 mile range until I’ve exhausted all of the trails I have already previously run at these distances.

  • 22 February 2010
  • 45:31
  • 3.69 miles
  • 12:21 avg. pace
  • 4.86 avg. speed
  • 549 feet climbed
  • 528 calories burned
  • 161.8 lbs.


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