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Glad I have a regular morning practice because I’m going to need it today.  Yoga wakes one up and it is a meditation that strengthens the mind and body.  I’m thoroughly convinced that strength comes from conflict and growth comes from stressors.  Life experience throws these obstacles at an entity and the selection of those and the way we deal with them are a result of karma.  My feeling is that a stage of becoming conscious is being aware of our ability to change karma (positively or negatively is subjective and it is a matter of personal choice) and the awareness of our ability to change it invites challenges.  So be it.

Really liked the outfit I wore to Sunrise Yoga this morning.  I’ve been idealizing a white organic hemp short, but found I had a pair of white Local Motion board shorts that I bought at the Kapolei mall.  They  have a graphic of a sunrise on them which makes them more perfect than what I had imagined.  With a white wife beater and a light blue lava lava I felt like I brought the Hippie Harbin vibe mashed up with my Polynesian Metal to the Castro Gold’s.  I felt hot and sexy, my skin looking tan against the white and baby blue and no worries about my junk hanging out of my running short pantie liner.  Getting the outfit right improves my yoga practice, just like the right gear improves my trail running.  Totally confident in my new yoga drag and my yoga body yielding to a little more openness and a toned look.  Still need to work on flexibility and balance.  That will come.

Started in a seated kneeling position on a block with the tops of my feet on the floor behind me, something I learned in David Mayer’s Sunday class and I’ll make it my new opening theme cos I have a problem with my feet cramping up and this seems to release and restore them.  Happy to be back in a class that focuses on breath and Anita introduced the concept of the 3 locks and I found that engaging the Mula Bhanda or root lock tilted my pelvic floor up where I have a tendency to stick my butt out in various standing poses. I found my spine strong and aligned instead of it being  all weak and curvy and  putting to much stress on my lower back.  Gonna focus on this particular Bhanda until I come to a better understanding before trying to unite the other two.

  • 23 February 2010
  • 5:45 – 7am
  • 219 calories burned
  • 161.8 lbs

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