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Morning newscasters were over promoting the coming “wicked storm” so I geared up in layers in order to confront it at Ocean Beach.  Mount Tam and the Marin Headlands were dramatically black against darkening clouds heavy with moisture and bearing down against northerly gusts.  I was well protected from the wind and when I turned around at Sloat Avenue I was warmed up enough to strip off my shell and knit cap and stow them in my CamelBak.

Running with the wind at my back and having no resistance I dropped into a nice lope and worked on tempo and speed.  Some runners I follow on twitter are doing 8:49’s and 7:30’s and I’ve only reached those speeds working down hill.  I’m early in my training and speed will come. As it is, I’m just glad I got this run in after going out and partying with the guys from work and my neighbors down the street.

2nd Great Highway run complete I was struck by sand blowing over a puddle on the beach promenade so I stopped to make a 30 second video of it.  Considering the waves I walked down to the shore break and experimented with the 8 second video form.  Turning to walk back I was struck that someone had tagged the sea wall with graffiti stating “Gothic Dolphins!”  Of course I resemble that remark.  The tag looked like my hand writing as if I had spray painted it myself with an upside down exclamation point fronting “Gothic” and a KISS lightning bolt “S” in “Dolphins.”  Like a portent or a strong affirmation, Gothic Dolphins! told me I was in the right place at the right time doing the right thing in the right way.  It doesn’t mean I’ve completed anything, just that the work I’m doing has a purpose and it is an investment of time and effort.  I can’t be expected to make a full turnaround overnight after a lifetime of habit.  To make that change I have to realize and become what I visualize, just like those gangster dolphins coming out of the sea  to tag that seawall and leaving a sign for those who are on the dolphin trail.  Rock on!!!

  • 26 February 2010
  • 9:12 – 9:58am
  • 46:13
  • 4.16 miles
  • 11:07 avg. pace
  • 5.40 avg. speed
  • 87 ft. climbed
  • 567 calories burned
  • 160.8 lbs.


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