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My morning habit of tweeting an affirmation paid off when I found my feed revealing that an 8.8 earthquake had struck Chile and tsunami alerts were posted for the islands of the Pacific and the coasts along the Ring of Fire. Tried as best as I could to use meteorological sites on the internet to determine what time I could expect a tsunami to hit San Francisco.  Confused by time zone conversions I estimated that if I got this run in early morning I’d be safe.  I also learned that if I heard an air raid siren to immediately start running up hill on the evacuation route.

Took 280 out and missed the John Daly exit so ended up on Eastman where I had to reorient seeing the summit and ridges of San Bruno Mountain mantled in stormy fog, it’s lush green slopes rising majestically like a volcano.  Finally arriving at Ocean Beach I stepped out of my car. The air felt almost Polynesian, heavy with potential storm, rinsed clean and steamy.

Did an 8 second video experiment of the sea from a distance and looking up saw a sphere composed of multi-colored light floating over the ocean.  As I did some reluctant stretches the sphere would distend but never bow.  On the run I had to stop and strip off my shell,  by that time the orb had extended itself to a half rainbow and Massive Attack came on in my earphones, their dark electronica a haunting soundtrack evoking the deadly nature of a rainbow.  At Sloat I passed a prayer circle and coming around the corner, slapping the leaves of a rosemary bush like a starting baller slapping the hands of his 2nd and 3rd string teammates, I emerged on the trail to see that the rainbow had fully constructed itself and spanned from the Ocean into the distance marking my trail like an amp meter.  The rainbow light was so intense it  crashed into the sea in a waterfall of pinks, yellows and violets forceful enough to generate a second rainbow of its own.  I could see it was some androgynous god there, doing a Sunrise Yoga in  Setu Bhandasana, s/he so powerful that he was able to lift her right foot through storm and atmosphere to kick sparkling glittery dust from nearby stars with her toe.

  • 27 February 2101
  • 9:12 – 9:58am
  • 46:13
  • 4.16 miles
  • 11:07 avg. pace
  • 5.40 avg. speed
  • 87 feet climbed
  • 567 calories burned


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