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Didn’t go to Tai Chi in Redwood City because on the way and back from 8am yoga I was sensing alot of aggressiveness in the traffic and because I hadn’t had my coffee I didn’t want to be a part of that flow.  I came home instead, relaxed over two coffees, wrote a blog post and still my iPhone hadn’t completely synced.  Once it did I was out the door in tights and a long sleeve technical to protect myself from the intermittent drizzle.  Drove down 6th Street to get on the 280 and got rear ended at the stoplight before the on-ramp.

I was driving cautiously because of my presentiment.  Drivers were acting strange, double parking, pulling out and around each other  then turning down Brannan.  I didn’t speed the yellow light because I’m familiar with its timing and know it is a photo trap.  Sitting there all mellow and then, slam!

Got out and exchanged numbers with the driver and took some photos of the collision.  He was sincere.  There didn’t appear to be much damage but when I got off the freeway to take a look I could see that my bumper got cracked.  Had to call my insurance to report it then called the driver to ask for his insurance carrier info but it was still in his truck.  I’m still waiting for him to text me back with that info.  I’m trying to be centered and calm but that accident had me so shook up I could barely use the keypad to enter his contact and my witness’ info into my phone.

Really thought about turning back and going home but thought it would be better to work it out on the trail.  Trying to use the information I have learned from my yoga practice to let go and be present in the moment I found extremely challenging.  I wondered how prepared I was for the weather but I was just fine.  Found myself with a steady uphill pace on the Bunny Trail and then took some time out to do a pointless exercise in 8 second videography.  Reaching the top of the trail I stopped at the overlook and practiced the 2 moves I learned in Tai Chi yesterday, still thinking that I’m missing a little part of those movements.  Headed back down hill and ran free, remembering to smile and spread my arms wide like the wings of the black vulture and crows gliding above me. As I got closer to the bottom of the trail I stopped to examine various mushrooms.

  • 1 March 2010
  • 12:10 – 1:15pm
  • 59:38
  • 4.42 miles
  • 13:29 avg. pace
  • 4.45 avg. speed
  • 777 feet climbed
  • 701 calories burned


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