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Took a shower before Sunrise Yoga and weighed in at 157.8 pounds, just under my target weight of 158.  So training is starting to pay off, and so does being broke not having money to indulge myself in outside food but knowing this was coming I stocked up last paycheck with meats and fruits, vodka and wine.  I am having to learn to live a bit frugally, but I should do.  I did indulge in friends and tips so being broke ain’t so bad and its really teaching me to keep one eye on my money and an eye on my mind.

Eye on the body, looking good and much improved.  Felt very open in today’s yoga class and found some strength.  Felt intermediate enough to know some modifications and when to introduce variations.  Nice to have a motivational partner, @suzboop who is at a more higher level to check in with for some advanced moves.  She was literally break dancing on the floor in her armstand.  Class was full today and I can say I feel a little responsible for promoting it.  The intention is there.  I want people to enjoy the things that I love to ensure that those things and those people will be there for me to continue loving.


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