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The torrential downpour of an overnight storm woke me moments before my alarm chimed to wake me for Sunrise Yoga.  It took me some moments to realize I set my phone wrong and today’s class was at 7am.  Its like a yoga boot-camp.  5 days straight of yoga 4 days in a row in the early morning.  A great value at my new gym.  Working it out in class realized its about $1.25 a class.

Picked up @suzboop on her corner and parked across the street from Cafe Flore.  She left her umbrella on the car floor because the rain had mellowed out to a light sprinkle.  Checked out the Precore Eliptical machine that is a prize in a drawing for signing up new members.  I hope I win because I want to donate it to the Gene Friend Recreation Center down the street from my flat.  I used the weights there when I couldn’t afford or didn’t want to join a gym and I know that it could use some safe equipment.  5 minutes early for yoga class and participants already had their mats spread out and @suzboop and I got seperated.  I took a spot in the front corner by the window to the left of the topless guy and @suzboop was on his right and slightly behind.

I went all out with the Mexican blankets today, pulling three and a wooden block to sit on in opening meditation with my feet folded behind me.  Two men were in back of me and as we did our poses in and out of unison I played with the idea of embodying stoney eyed Shiva allowing my gaze to glaze in the reflection of the mirror and seeing the three of us as one 6 armed being.  A multi-limbed yoga body that helped me understand why the image of Shiva is so compelling although I can’t quite try to begin to explain that here.  Noticed the topless guy is still struggling with respiratory congestion and post-nasal drip and when we had the opportunity to do partner work I chose him not only because I had been practicing next to him for nearly two weeks and I wasn’t worried about catching his cold but also because he is a clearly experienced practitioner and I recognize that I can learn from him.  He introduced himself as Chuck.

Class wound down and @suzboop revealed she has a crush on our instructor Ben but its a schoolgirl to P.E. teacher type coach crush and nothing dangerous or serious.  Its cute and I’m glad that she likes him enough and his teaching style to continue a 7am practice with me.  Next up some trail.  Some nice delicious muddy uphill creek bed type trail shit on the Bunny Trail.


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