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The moon in the wee hour sky was a camp actor, emerging brightly against cliched velvet darkness to hide disguised in black cloud then peeking out again and again.  A perfect moon in a sky scrubbed clear by hail and ice the day before, rinsed by rain.  I arrived 5 minutes late to Sunrise Yoga and had just unfurled my mat and sat with my legs crossed under me to join in with the early morning practitioners in time to sing my heavy metal OHM.  My mantra is sounding clearer and deeper, purer and more resonant.  Still in the process of trying to register it lower to a subsonic universal doom stoner OHM.

Attendance was back to its regular crew and someone new.  Bootie shorts with handle bar moustache was there as well as the tall red-headed professional with the hipster haircut.  Space was available in the front so I set myself to the right of Chuck.  Only 2 Mexican blankets today, not so excessive.

Class today focused on standing and balancing poses and I was finding some alignment.  Chuck was doing some advanced pigeon variations and I followed his example.  Feeling open I found myself able to push myself into the upward bowed shape of a wheel pose and catching my reflection in the mirror saw that I emitted crackling sparks of tiny pinpoint light from each one of my vertebrae that spun in support until I could no longer hold my body.  Pretty magical. I’m going to shoot for rainbows now that I got the spark  I just need to learn how to bend the light.

Left my yoga mat in a locker and went up to ChefJamesO’s to switch chargers.  Then came back to the Contour and got my gym bag out of the trunk and went back to the locker room to change into running gear.  My shoes were still cold and damp from the hail storm yesterday and for a second I wished I had brought my old Kanadia Trails, but I realized there would still be plenty of mud and puddles to deal with today.  Put my track suit over to stay warmed up for the trail.

Decided to start this new circuit at Inspiration Point instead of the Golf Course to switch it up.  I was shooting for a 10% increase in distance from the Bunny Trail which was about 4.48 miles so I wanted this course to be 4.9 something but definitely under 5 miles.  Crossed Arguello and circled The Spire 3 times and continued up the trail there to the radio tower and cut down the steep incline of Deems being careful not to slip.  Then it is across Washington to Nauman Road and saw that the Park Service has completed the trail improvement at the National Cemetery Overlook, depositing benches and a paved walkway for ADA accessibility to that point.  Will need to explore that trail and work it in in the future but it wasn’t on this current circuit.  The back trails to the Wine Bunker and noticed that I had left my storage compartment of my CamelBak open so I had to zip it up, checking to see if my Wu Lou had fallen out and it hadn’t.  Then saw some workers tearing up the field at the tether ball court and discovered that new park equipment had been installed in the playground protected by  a chain link fence and warning signs that the grounds were for children under the age of 12.  Kind of said because they had a huge rope and metal pentagram jungle gym that looks hella fun to climb upon.  Continued behind the playground down the stairs to a picnic area to drop out at Immigration Point.

Down the steps at Immigration Point, launching myself a little like a long jumper.  Up Lincoln and along the batteries taking an alternate way through the cruisy parking lot and over a battery sliding down a slippery slope to get back on the trail.  Next time I should use a ladder.  Bluffs, then under the Golden Gate Bridge.  At the scenic picnic area a hawk soared right above me and I dived into the tunnel exulting that it had flooded.  Down the steps to Crissy Field, working out an alternate route that bypassed instead of bisecting the marsh.  Up Halleck, wooden steps there.  Cut over to Mesa and out to Funston to pick up the Ecology Trail to take me back up to the Point.

When I checked in with the GPS unit, RunKeeper, on my iPhone I found that I had ran exactly 4.94 miles in an hour.  The distance was exact on target and I know I can get this course done in 59 minutes or less.

  • 4 March 2010
  • 8 – 9am
  • 1:00:25
  • 4.94 miles
  • 12:15 avg. pace
  • 4.90 avg. speed
  • 578 feet climbed
  • 676 calories burned


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