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It had cleared up significantly in the morning.  The storm of the past night drizzled out during yoga class and the sun came out to dry up the streets.  Came home and ate some of the pork and rice I made last night to fuel up for the completion of my 3 run circuit on the Bunny Trail in Montara.  Drove out on the 280 still cautious cos I’m still afraid of getting hit.

Had to stop at Chase to deposit 3 bucks so my automated gym payment doesn’t overdraft my account, gracious for the client who tipped me just enough in cash to have enough to cover that payment and get me 3 dollars worth of gas.  Coming down Highway 1 and seeing the Pacific laid out before me was an awesome sight, the sunlit Ocean turquoise and where it was shadowed in cloud a dark moody jade.

Parked, warmed up, squatted and pissed.  Put on the gear and decided to use dj head phones for full audio immersion.

Starting up the Grey Whale Cove trail I thought it would be a little wetter because of the rain, but once I got on the switchback where it leveled out it was just as wet and muddy as it had been  before and even wider deeper muddier puddles from social traffic.  Coming around a bend I saw a gurgling spring emerging from a hillside so I stuck my hand in it trying to find its source but it resembled too much a gopher hole and I was afraid I was going to get bit.  It probably is an egress from a rabbit warren that got flooded.  I pulled my hand out cold.  Frenetic mental activity, I wasn’t with mind in body.  I was all over the place and soon my music was more irritant and distraction rather than  motivator, my playlist failing to pump me up.  I stowed the Shuffle and the dj headphones in the main storage compartment of my CamelBak and ran for a bit stopping to listen to cascade of water falling down the gullies, the trickle of it as it meandered down the trail, the Doppler shift of engine motor in cars traveling down 1 bounding up the verdant slopes to reach my ears and air traffic overhead.  Birdsong and my own labored breathing.

Soon it became apparent that I needed to stop and look and enjoy the environment that I was in rather than bomb through it.  The sun had come out but then a drizzle came down so I was being simultaneously showered in sun and rain.  Light rain.  I took the time to protect my iPhone by putting it in a ziploc specimen bag and enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells of Old Pedro Mountain Trail.

Not at the summit but at the top of my trail I stopped to do my Tai Chi at the overlook.  I stripped off my gear to sit in the sun and take photos up there.  Gave myself a 10 minute break and tweeted my photos.  Got gear back on and ran all the way down the Old Pedro Mountain Trail to where it connected with the Grey Whale Cove Trail and fell into a walking, watchful reverie of gathering dark clouds over the sea.

I didn’t know where my thoughts were.  I was in rapport with the looming darkness watching as the sunshine dimmed and a cold wind picked up.  A drizzle began, but I was unconcerned.  Soon the wind blew harder, it roared really and the drizzle turned to rain and then it froze and turned to hail pelting the back of my neck and face.  I had to run then, sensing a drenching and worried about my iPhone getting wet because I failed to protect it in the specimen bag after taking pictures at the top.  It only rained harder and I ran faster surprised that I was caught so unawares and hail landed on my tongue and melted in my mouth.  I was openly loving it, this elemental shift, learning to never take anything for granted and not to let appearances fool me but still allow myself to be amazed at power and transformation.  I got to the car and stripped off my soaked shirts and hydration unit checking to see if I kept my phone dry.  After composing myself I turned up the defroster and heater full blast, my Contour a sauna for the drive back home.

  • 3 March 2010
  • 11:45am – 1:18pm
  • 1:14:13
  • 4.48 miles
  • 16:33 avg. pace
  • 3.62 avg. speed
  • 803 feet climbed
  • 631 calories burned
  • 160 lbs.



  1. OMFG there’s something called a “BUNNY TRAIL” I gotta check that when I’m up in those parts!

      • polynesian69
      • Posted Thursday 4 March 2010 at 10:50 am
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      • Reply

      That’s what I call it cos the bunnies jump out all over the trail but technically its Grey Whale Cove Trail to Old Pedro Mountain Trail on the McNee Ranch State Park. The link points to a map and the map is also posted on BLACK VULTURE AND CROWS. No bunnies when it is raining because I discovered the bunny holes get flooded and there is probably some mystic bunny sanctuary up the mountain somewhere.

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