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After that discordant Sunday morning yoga class I changed back into my trail running gear and checked my texts on the way out the gym. I had 2: ChefJamesO hadn’t recalled seeing my mat in his apartment and the LGID invited me to meet him for coffee at Brainwash.  I texted the LGID that, no, I was on my way to the trail and I couldn’t afford a cup of coffee.  He texted back, Oh thats too bad, I miss you.  To myself I’m a little pissed.  If I can’t afford a cup of coffee, I can’t afford lunch so you think that he could have at least asked me out for lunch after I was done or even offered to buy me a cup of coffee.  Cocktails later even.  But this is exactly why we don’t date anymore and gives me a little more insight why women get so frustrated with men.  Can’t you see the bait dangling right in front of your face?  I’m fishing here, I need you to take some initiative.

No wonder I remain single.  No wonder I don’t fit this yoga class.  I wasn’t feeling the namaste like I normally do.  Who gets pissed after a yoga class?

So I drive up to the Arco on Divisadero and the spare change in my wallet is $1.37 so I give it to the attendant in the kiosk and start fueling up and it goes over, but I only allow my good fortune to take 13 cents more gas than what I paid for.

Its nice up on Inspiration Point with tourists taking pictures, cyclists staging and an old dude resting in his burgundy Buick leSabre.  Change out of the wife beater and put on a black cut off t-shirt that was given me off of a patron’s back in a fisting bar in the Bastille.  Warmed up a little, did some shit with my gear and started off.

Trail alot different on a busy sunny Sunday.  Plenty of joggers, dog walkers, street traffic and all else out for their Sunday Recreation.  Coming past the cemetery and onto Naumann I started getting heated up and to take advantage of the sun and get tan I took off the tshirt and stowed it in my CamelBak.  As I did so a dude ran past me from the opposite direction who was not wearing a shirt followed by two other topless guys, one with his shirt wrapped around his head like a desert turban.  Sexy. I knew then that the weather was nice over by the bluffs and Crissy Field and I was going to get treated with alot of titty.

Lot of runners on the trail and I was getting pressed upon by an opposite sex couple.  I could tell they were training for a triathlon by the pads in the ass of their brand new spandex biker shorts and pristine white cycling caps.  I kept in front and I was so happy to lead them through the puddle under the tunnel and have these two in their nice new tri outfits get muddy and deal with some messy trail running shit.  This gave me the lead on them and we diverged at different trails once we got to Crissy Field.  I kept them behind me the whole time, picking up my pace and form to show off a bit in front of all the recreators on the promenade and puffed up my chest and butched up to all the oncoming topless guy runners.  I’m such a girl, but I love it when I can tell they are doing an ab check cos that’s as low as a straight guy will look.  I also love it when women are checking out my nipples and my package.  So fucking fun.  Good thing I run in solitude most of the time cos this weekend warrior shit can get me in trouble.  Its pretty much all cruise now and then I’m headed up Halleck where I stop to shoot my reflection in a glass door in one of the old wooden structures.

I was out about 46 minutes and was trying to get back up the hill and finish under an hour, but when I got to the Ecology Trail again all the stress of work and shit started pressing on me so I walked to sort it out.  Didn’t take it as slow as I did yesterday, but still there is something strange about that portion of trail.  Next time I hit it, I’ll run down it as to avoid the heaviness I feel there.  I get to the top of Inspiration Point feeling good and saw that I had failed to resume my GPS unit but I was pleased to see that I had an average pace of 9:48 a mile up until then and pretty much was done after that photo stop.  So now I’m done with this trail that I call the Inspirational Loop.  The next two days will be recovery with morning yoga only, hoping I can reclaim my own mat from ChefJamesO’s.

  • 7 March 2010
  • 11:30am – 12:32pm
  • 45:49
  • 4.68 miles
  • 9:48 avg. pace
  • 6.12 avg. speed
  • 497 feet climbed
  • 597 calories burned
  • 160.6 lbs.


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