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A bit of a confounding morning, but making the best of it and just trying to do what I can and not concern myself with the sequence of it.  Thought I’d go for a trail run and finish up the Inspiration Loop then do Sunday Morning Yoga thinking it was at 9:30 but class really starts at 9.  Already in my car and deciding I’ll never make both figured I’d run 5 miles on the treadmill then take the class.  But I forgot my canteen, so had to circle back home to get it.  Then I realized I didn’t need my iPhone if I was going to run on gym equipment, but I was already to far ahead to circle back.  Also my gas gauge was certainly past the 1/4 tank mark and I knew at least that I never would have made it to and back from Bay Meadow’s to do the 11am Tai Chi so think I’m pretty much settled with my Sunday workout agenda.  I proceeded and pulled into a parking spot in front of Cafe Flore about 8am.

I go to open up the trunk and there’s no yoga mat in there.  I look in the backseat of the Contour and there is no mat back there either.  Trying to figure out what the hell I did with it and what yoga what day was what in the past week and finally realized that maybe I left it in a locker when I changed for the trail on Thursday but its not in Lost and found, its not in the Group X studio and it hasn’t been appropriated by someone in the stretch room.  Trying to reenact what went on the last day I used it I realized that I went to ChefJamesO’s to switch chargers and I must have left it there so I left a text to ask him.

Time wasted looking for the mat I realized I was already fucked for time to get in a treadmill workout so I went to the Group X Studio and acquired the better of the two yoga mats that belonged to the gym and stowed my acquisition in a locker.  I thought I’d go and try to deposit my paycheck in the ATM at the Chase branch down on 15th Street but it was just as futile as trying to deposit it in any other location.  Then with a weird gap of time I went to Jumpin’ Java on Noe, spent my 2 dollar bill Chinese New Year money on a cup of coffee.

I called my fb friend BG to tell him how to get RunKeeper Free set up on his phone and tried to finish that big cup of coffee and as it were was down in the locker room putting on my yoga drag 10 minutes before class.  Dude came back to his locker warning me off cos the class was packed.  I still decided to go for it since I already went through so many changes to get here and was already invested.

I ended up with a spot on the edge of the room, half in the closet.  Yogi to my left actually was pleasant and made some room for me, and I ended up with just enough room to work out.  Sensing hot, I discarded my white wife beater and draped my upper body in my light blue lava lava composing myself on a block with my feet folded behind me.  Class began with dissonant Ohms, the universal sound edging for space in this confined studio.  I really couldn’t find any depth in my own song.  Realizing that also realized that this would be a very superficial practice and felt spoiled by the luxury of my Sunrise Practice and the ample space and the familiarity of the regulars I am getting to know well.  The ears of the practitioners in this crowded room were also sucking up the sound of the teacher’s voice, making it difficult for me to hear her instruction if she was on the other side of the room.  At one point, I found myself in a standing split and looked over saw an advanced yogi modifying this move into Grace Jone’s pose on the cover of Island Life.  I was pleased with myself that I was able to imitate it when we switched to the other side.

Shouldn’t be too critical, but I don’t think I ever really need to attend this class again.  I tried twice to connect and I don’t, its just too too crowded, although there are a lot of hot guys in class and most of them took their shirts off, but this is not what I practice yoga for, fully clothed, topless or butt naked.  I really want to deepen my practice to make me a better runner but the flow and the tension of this over attended class on Sundays is something I’m not feeling.  I would have gone to Tai Chi, but I didn’t have enough gas.  Glad I gave it another shot, but I’m done as far as Sunday Yoga at Castro Gold’s is concerned.


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